Astro Compatibility

Everyone loves to ask me, “Who am I compatible with?” And in all honesty, it’s never as simple as putting two Sun signs together based on generalized views of their traits. Astrological compatibility is nuanced and layered, just like we are. 

These readings serve as introductions to the possibilities in synastry. My book, Signs & Skymates, dives deeply into the many factors inherent in truly answering that question. 

I encourage you to enjoy these readings (and the video readings included) as a preview of what my book has in store. Then dive into Signs & Skymates to truly be your own astrologer and tap into what you’re drawn to, not only when it comes to others, but especially with yourself.

Enjoy this cosmic journey, and let love in!

Dossé-Via, creator of KTZ

 These compatibility readings were written by astrologers Nisha Prakash, Emily Wills, Amani Richardson, India Jordan, Deria Em, and KTZ creator Dossé-Via Trenou

All readings were edited with love by KTZ’s evolutionary astrologer Nisha Prakash

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