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Aries + Leo

Wholly independent, yet no strangers to sparkling under the spotlight – Aries & Leo is a pairing that understands each other. As a fire + fire combo, the intensity and passion of either partner is going to be matched by the other. Both Aries and Leo require similar amounts of space and attention, and they’ll know how to (healthily) stroke the other’s ego in a way that promotes confidence and radiance.

This kind of pairing is passionate and dynamic. Nothing says head-over-heels like when these two decide to commit, as their chemistry is also fueled by the heat of their physical compatibility. 

As fantastic as this sounds, the Achilles heel here could be any hint of jealousy. While this could lead to either party getting burnt by the heat of misguided fury… remembering it’s “us together, versus the problem,” will elevate these two to power couple status.

Aries and Leo are like two suns in the same system, spinning in a fiery dance where their individual gravities become one. When it comes to taking action, giving compliments, and pursuing passions, these two are made for each other. 

In the unlikely event that they burn each other out, there will always be the potential to recharge and take life on with the same enthusiasm as the first time, every time.

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