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Taurus + Cancer

Love abounds in a Taurus and Cancer pairing. Both are effortless givers, who will naturally spoil each other with physical touch, hearty meals and thoughtful gestures. Cancers are sometimes called the greatest lovers of the zodiac, because they naturally tend to the needs of their loved ones with ease. They can often read our emotions enough to know exactly what we need, and Taurus may find themselves receiving a snack while they vent about their day. It’s important that Taurus is sure to reciprocate this kind of care, because once Cancer’s boundaries are crossed, you may not be allowed back in! 

Cancers do appreciate a kind of ‘togetherness,’ which self-reliant Taurus might not be up for. Figuring out a groove and rhythm will take communication and transparency. Neither party is the most forward or open in (voluntarily) expressing emotion, so active effort will be required here, so as not to let it build up or pop. 

It’ll also be important in this connection to talk about love languages. Perhaps Cancer needs to be met with acts of service, like helping clean their work space, or doing the dishes. Both of these signs do love going the extra mile to show care.

The sensual attentiveness of Taurus can compliment the emotional attunement of Cancer, to create an incredibly balanced relationship. When Taurus finds themself too focused on practical challenges, they may find a Cancer connection encourages them to tune into their heart for solutions. In return, when Cancer is acting from emotional overwhelm, Taurus will be able to ground them in the more objective realities of the situation, creating a shared space of calm.

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