Aries + Taurus

Taurus is the most likely candidate to slow down Aries… sometimes to the point of being a little difficult. Despite this, it’s a duo that screams “we’re not taking any BS.” 

The Ram and the Bull of the zodiac, these headstrong energies function best when they collaborate together, directing their willpower outwards. Otherwise, there’s potential for the kind of head-butt style conflict that arises when stubbornness kicks in (from both sides).

Taurus is a gentle match for the Aries who likes to take things slow every once in a while, and there’s a lot of love to be had between the two. 

A major challenge may arise with the ability to express and hear each other out. Emotional sharing isn’t exactly either’s forte, but the love language of service and touch are definitely in their vocabulary. Where Taurus brings sensuality and softness, Aries matches it with passion and enthusiasm.

In this kind of connection, Taurus tends to provide the wisdom of slowing down, reminding Aries to take in the little things in life. This pairing gets together to give each other advice from different perspectives, with Aries leaning more towards a motivational word of encouragement, while Taurus has no problem being straight up about ‘reality.’ 

Together, these two can get a lot done when it comes to being enterprising and resourceful, just as long as Aries doesn’t try to push the pace on where Taurus wants to go. 

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