Libra + Scorpio

Deep, shadowy and intense vibes may seem like the opposite of Libra’s nature, but with Scorpio, it kind of works. Libra enjoys the depth of commitment, and the ‘real’ talk a connection with Scorpio can often lead to. Scorpio has a lot to learn from the freedom-loving and open Libra. In fact, there are many things that the Venusian air-sign can teach Scorpio about openly embracing their sensuality and coming out of their shadows. 

Within this dynamic, Libra will naturally shine the light on Scorpio’s weaknesses and insecurities.  In some cases, this can leave Libra feeling as though they’re constantly teaching and helping Scorpio learn about themselves, which can be extremely exhausting. In other cases, with a more attuned Scorpio, Libra will actually be able to learn quite a few things from Scorpio instead. In this instance, Scorpio will pinpoint Libra’s weaknesses, helping to  strengthen them entirely. Here, the air sign finds that Scorpio brings greater depth of perspective to their goals and the kind of life they want to lead. 

Refreshingly for Libra, there won’t be a dull moment. Small talk is not possible for Scorpio, who’s easily bored with things that lack meaning and depth. A common pitfall for Libra is getting trapped in banal conversations, simply for the sake of human interaction, and Scorpio’s boundary-setting abilities can actually be the perfect medicine for the people-pleasing Libra. 

A challenge may arise if Scorpio’s patience is potentially stretched thin as Libra tries to figure out what they want in both the connection, and life in general. The whimsical air sign is more of a ‘figure-it-out-as-you-go’ type of being, while Scorpio generally just seems to know exactly what they want. In any relationship dynamic, patience is super important, but for this one it could be the make or break factor.

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