Virgo + Capricorn

Ah, Earth signs. When it comes to overall chemistry between these two, the dynamic is one that boosts and encourages each other into becoming the most highly functioning and efficient version of oneself.

Capricorn’s headfirst cardinal leadership qualities compliment the adaptable mutable nature of the Virgo. The only challenge will be in following through to completion, with the ambitious visions they share with one another. Efficiency is a major shared goal (and trait) for both signs, the common ground on which these two can collaboratively build something sustainable.

Unlike other signs that require a more emotional and sensitive presence in order to feel close, Virgo and Capricorn definitely tend to lean away from obvious sentiment. Instead, their affection comes through an underlying sense of care, loyalty and service to the other.

As a connection that can easily double as a work partnership, these signs hold each other accountable for all that they do, without hesitation. This can either be endearing… or kind of annoying, particularly if one member feels they know what’s ‘best’ for the other. Acceptance of each other can remedy this situation, which will be rare anyway – as earth signs are generally on the same page.

Ultimately, this stable connection can act as a grounding force for both parties. When all else is in flux, there will likely be a mutual sense of feeling home with one another. 

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