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Libra + Libra

Just because there’s an instance here of matching signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a relationship between two Libras is all fun and games. Within this dynamic, there will be a lot of shadow work to be done. If both members are up for the challenge and ready to face hidden truths about themselves, then they can enter a deliciously rewarding and intimate portal together.

One of the challenges two Libras may face will be creating a foundation solid enough to actually grow a connection. Libras tend to do this well with others – for example if an earthy Taurus is holding them accountable, or a fiery Sag is inviting them onto meaningful adventures. With another Libra, there’s the possibility that with no spark or earth, the pair could fizzle out, misconstruing each other’s intentions or values, which would lead to the connection disappearing into thin air. 

For this reason, communication and time are required from both Libra to establish something concrete. Light and easy socializing with groups is the domain of Libra as an air sign, but they may want to pay equal attention to more intimate settings with each other. This is where two Libras truly get to know one another, as well as establish a sense of trust.

Once Libra partners openly communicate their desires and express what they’re looking for with this connection – either verbally or through gestures –  this relationship will become much easier to navigate. The worst thing Libras could do here is assume that they already know what each other wants, due to their many similarities.

As the Libra-Libra connection evolves over time, their greatest strength is their abilities to speak with compassion and empathy – especially when emotions are running high. Libra is the mediator, the sign of peace, justice and harmony. 

Two Libras’ shared openness around others’ perspectives is the perfect remedy for when tensions escalate, or times get tough. At their essence, they’re peace-makers. This renders the intimate moments two Libras share more valuable than anything else. At its best, this Venus-ruled duo will feel as if it’s just the two of them in this world together, speaking the same beautiful language.

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