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Aquarius + Aquarius

For others, watching two Aquarians chatting can feel like watching two (lovely) aliens hanging out on earth. Aquarius is a sign that rules innovation, societal revolution, and progressive thinking, meaning Aquarians will generally stay outside the box. So, who better to understand this than a fellow Aquarian?

These Saturn-ruled beings have pretty epic conversations about the world and their contribution to it. There won’t often be any redundant dwelling on the past, as these genius beings prefer to have their orientation fixed firmly on the future.

Aquarian skymates are focused on creating improvement within their own lives and the lives of others. This could even arise as a challenge if the pair’s forward thinking causes them to have trouble staying in the present moment. This could evoke the sensation that time is passing them by. Still, as long as this airy duo keeps themselves grounded, they will be more than fine. A tip here would be spending time together in nature or getting a pet! Either way, Aquarius is a social sign who enjoys networking with others. This means it’s likely that this duo will have a vast array of friends to keep them in check.

In terms of creative collaborations, it doesn’t get a whole lot more creative, fast-paced, and revolutionary than when Aquarius mates combine their superpowers. Aquarians are able to completely subvert pre-existing formulas and come up with things the world didn’t know it needed!

An Aquarius pair enjoys mentally stretching themselves – and they’ll never be too comfortable staying still, in both a metaphorical and physical sense.

This is a powerful trait to share, and you might see this pair both seamlessly moving through jobs, cities, states, or countries every few years or so.

An issue could arise with Aquarius tending to be relatively detached from their emotions. This means for this pair, getting to a place of heart-to-heart conversations will not be too frequent, at least at the beginning. Yet of course, feelings and emotions must always be honored in any relationship regardless of sign. If this pair commits to making clear space and time to listen to the other – as well as to vulnerably share – they’ll be able to grow in intimacy and trust together. It’s just worth acknowledging that unless that space is consciously created, it may not organically arise in an Aquarius-Aquarius pairing.

Still, these two will beautifully share a sense of lightness and friendship that transcends and connects. Think of the power couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who seem to float together through life.

Ultimately, this duo is one that will almost inevitably achieve greatness together – whatever that looks like for them. They’re never going to get too bogged down by the hurdles of life. Rather, they’ll revel in them, seeing obstacles as opportunities to innovate.

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