Sagittarius + Pisces

Sagittarius and Pisces dream up exciting new worlds when they’re together… but they’ll have to compromise and follow through with action to make them realities.  Pisces intuitively craves stability, while Sagittarius is a perpetual thrill-seeker. Pisces will therefore encourage nomadic Sagittarius to invest in their roots and emotional foundation, while Sagittarius keeps Pisces curious to learn and explore. 

Both signs are creative idealists and optimists, which is a beautiful thing, but that can also lead to impulsive poor choices. By contrast, when this duo is aligned in their central values and grounded in reality, Sag and Pisces can offer one another a mutually inspiring and nourishing balance of energy. 

For better or worse, these cosmic dreamers can get caught up in fantasy when they come together. It’s important that they stay mindful of the appropriate time and place for indulging in their huge imaginations. They’re able to create masterpieces together when they pool your abilities and resources, while keeping their feet on the ground. When in a mature mindset, these powerful, spiritual beings will be able to bring even the most creative and abstract concepts to life in the real world. 

On the other hand, unhealthy relationships between Sagittarius and Pisces can be riddled with imbalanced power dynamics or misplaced projections. It’s important that these beings resist impulses to judge without communicating. Pisces can feel competitive toward Sagittarius in times when Sagittarius is completely unconcerned with competition. Adventurous Sagittarius can feel impatient with Pisces insistence on familiarity or complacency, especially when it feels like it’s having an effect on their mobility. Here, healthy communication will almost always be the answer. 

It’ll be important for both members of this duo to communicate clearly and consistently as their needs and desires evolve. Pisces will have to speak up about what they want, instead of projecting fantasy-level expectations onto the connection. Sagittarius will also have to speak up about their goals and plans instead of assuming Pisces is on the same page. 

Yet, just because someone can’t read your mind and anticipate your every fantasy doesn’t mean this isn’t a wonderful match. When balanced, Sag and Pisces can and will make magic together.

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