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Taurus + Scorpio

As opposites in the zodiac, there will be no facades between Taurus and Scorpio beings. What is not said can easily be felt by the energetically intuitive Scorpio. The classic Taurus stubbornness is often a mask, covering up fear of change or instability. Enter Scorpio: the sign of transformation. This watery energy can help Taurus dive into its fears, growing through the wisdom of embracing discomfort.

Where Taurus values control and stability, Scorpio likes to probe deeper into the gray areas of life’s contradictions and chaos. It is because of this opposite nature that there is a lot to learn in this pairing. Scorpio may sometimes want Taurus to express their emotions openly and vulnerably though. And perhaps with time, they will.

Taurus will bring Scorpio a sense of ‘down-to-earth’ simplicity, and this is not to be underestimated. Earth wisdom, somatic therapies and the powerful remedy of presence are all Taurus gifts that the intense Scorpio can benefit immensely from. Taurus reminds Scorpio to breathe, and smell the roses. Scorpio will conversely invite Taurus into self-growth – the type that goes further than skin deep. This sign is the ruler of shadow work, and can be a guide as to how to navigate the realms of our fears, triggers and pain points, so as to overcome them and to evolve as a human.

Ultimately, both the depths and earthly simplicity of this pairing makes for an extremely potent and beautifully balanced connection. Plus, once the pair shows each other that they are to be trusted, there will always be a deep sense of mutual loyalty. 

With this kind of connection, there’s the potential for grudges to be made… and held. So it’s worth paying particular attention to boundaries, as well as keeping conversations kind. Ultimately though, once egos are set aside, this relationship certainly has the potential to be powerful, long-lasting and inspiring to others.

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