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KTZ Daily Scopes April – October 2023

Skymates, in honor of retrograde and eclipse season, KTZ is taking a break from offering daily scopes. We’re resting, regenerating, and re-imagining. That’s what retrograde and eclipse season is all about, and as astrologers, it’s important that we practice what we preach. We’ll still share weekly/monthly scopes with you during this break. Subscribe to KTZ’s email newsletter (KnowTheZodiac.com/newsletter) to know when daily scopes will be back. You can also order my book, Signs & Skymates, as well as KTZ’s digital products on our site to deepen your astro knowledge. Remember: you are your own astrologer. KTZ astrologers Adela, Nisha, and myself are here as guides, but the answers have always existed within you. Thanks for the love and support.

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KnowPisces September ’23 Scope

Key themes: people from the past, healing intimate relationships, letting go of the bonds that have run their course, easeful routines, going through your day with a pleasurable rhythm, being present, just exchanges, finding balance in give and take

Dear Pisces,
You may be getting in touch with loves, friends, allies and even enemies from your past. This is a time to rediscover which relationships help you grow and which don’t. Give yourself the chance to take a closer look at the people you share your life with on a personal and intimate level. Misunderstandings may lead to conflicts, especially if there are things left unsaid, or if you’re holding unresolved trauma from past relationships. Whatever the case, hold space for things to be up in the air, don’t make any drastic decisions just yet unless it really has to do with something unforgivable. By the time the retrograde period is over, you’ll have a much better idea of where you stand, and about the people you choose to share your life with.

Venus is finally stationing to go direct on the 3rd, after having taken you on a ride during the past 40 days through your work, health and wellness routines. Things will still be falling into place until October 7th when Venus comes out of its post-retrograde shadow phase. How do you wish to keep bringing more ease into your work and wellness habits? What routines make you feel more in control? What routines feel sweet instead of causing pressure?

The next day, on the 4th, Jupiter will station to go retrograde for what is left of the year. Jupiter is currently transiting your area of schedules and exchanges, helping you connect to a daily rhythm that feels right for your life. These next four months of Jupiter’s retrograde motion will be about looking into the ways you’ve been learning not to rush yourself. About checking into how you can infuse with pleasure your to-do’s, the people you exchange with on a daily basis and your immediate surroundings. You’ll come to realize that the more presence you bring to your day, the more engaged you become with what is here and now, the more you’ll being to cultivate your faith in life.

On the 6th, Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun during its retrograde motion, inviting you to nurture your own light so you can share your warmth and radiance with the ones you’re choosing to share your life with.

We have the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th, at 9:40 pm EST, reminding you that in order to be with someone else you’ve got to give yourself the time, space and loving attention to learn how to be with yourself. Intimate relationships often require work, and there’s work to be done within the bond, and also work to be done on your own. You won’t be able to treat others better than you treat yourself, and trying to do so can only lead to toxic dependency or unhealthy demands. Having said that, I encourage you to acknowledge wherever you are on your journey. I invite you to remember that healing and growing aren’t lineal. So give yourself the chance to honor all of the ways in which you’re learning to dismantle unhealthy dynamics within your partnerships and replace them with ones that make it possible to build sweetness together.

On the next day, the 15th, Mercury will station to go direct, and things will begin to speed up a bit, and the miscommunication within your intimate relationships will begin to loosen up little by little and you’ll be able to have clearer vision when looking forward, until the 29th where we’ll all be more in the clear once the post-retrograde period is over.

We welcome Libra Season on the 23rd, shining a light on how you share what you share. What is fair will come into question. Be honest about what you want to do for others, and what you need in exchange. Don’t expect all things to heal in an instant. But by bit, cumulative efforts can create the conditions for big leaps. Long lasting change comes from consistent effort. Appreciate the work that you have put in that has made your healing possible. Honor those that have invested their time, energy, and gifts in you. Know that the best way to pay them back is by taking your potential, your dreams and your productivity seriously.

On the 29th, we will have the Full Moon in Aries at 5:57 am EST, setting your area of resources, gifts and self-worth on fire. How you exchange your time, energy and talents will ask for your attention. Look to see if there are any spaces in your life where you feel taken advantage of, unappreciated, or unable to ask for what you need. This Full Moon can help you heal and move through the feelings and fears that come up when you think about standing up for yourself. Make more room for the energetic and financial exchanges that leave you feeling alive, this is where it’s at!

About Pisces

Element: Water

Mode: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy & Jupiter, the Planet of Luck

Where Youll Find Them: In their own world, at an artist gallery, writing a song

What They Avoid: Predictability, structure, societal expectations

Pisces, the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, is all about connecting with depth and the subconscious. As a Water sign, Pisces is profoundly emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Pisces are known for their big hearts, full of love and compassion. They tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve, unlike the more guarded Water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces is the ultimate dreamer, often floating off into their own world when the realworld gets too overbearing. With Pisces, theres so much more than what meets the eye. Pisces can play tricks on your mind due to their adaptability, which is why theyre symbolized by the Fish.

Pisces are artists, healers and mystical being, so they dont often gravitate towards conventional career paths. They’d ideally not even want to work at all, because Pisces understand that life is meant for being more than just a rat race. Life’s meant to be felt and experienced fully, and Pisces is too often aware of how easily desensitized and disconnected human beings can be. Thats why many Pisces use art as their outlet theyre able to remind everyone of our collective humanity and our transcendent talents.

If you want to be friends with a Pisces, be prepared to deal with their unpredictable nature and occasional moodiness. Pisces doesnt do that well when it comes to being on time or continuing a super long stream of conversation, and that can lead to people feeling like Pisces is irresponsible or flakey, when in reality theyre just doing their own thing. Pisces is a loyal, caring, intuitive friend who often knows whats going on with a loved one just by looking at them in their eyes. There is a darker side of Pisces in friendship, though, one that Pisces may at times try to deny. Pisces can be an all-consuming friend, and there are moments when jealousy or envy gets the best of them. Piscesmission is to learn to accept each and everyone of their feelings they arent goodor bad” — theyre just what they feel. The more they resist their feelings, the stronger their feelings become.

A Pisces in love is a beautiful sight, as long as the relationship isnt a toxic one. As the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, Pisces tends to have a savior-complex in relationships, and this can lead to them being overly self-sacrificing and compromising, to their own detriment. Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, they can sometimes idealize their lovers or put them on a pedestal. They also dont always let go of unhealthy unions, causing them to go through more pain than necessary. Alternatively, once Pisces becomes more aware of their inner strength, theyll be able to transcend toxic unions and attract soul-stirring, mutually beneficial, transformative connections. Once Pisces fully trusts their lover, they invite them into their orgasmic world, and nothing is ever the same.