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KnowPisces Scope November 30 – December 1, 2022

Pisces, celebrate who you are, and the world will too. The moon is in your sign – and when this happens, the collective tends to shift into a more spiritual, empathic and flowy way of being. More like you. With this lunar goodness, you may start to feel more dreamy, creatively inspired, and connected to the universe. It could be a wonderful time to pick up any art projects, to reach out to loved ones, or to connect deeply with yourself through some quality time alone. Here, your energy is being celebrated. It’s a reminder that you’re probably far more inspiring to others than you realize. The universe is inviting you into a space of embodying and sharing your lovely self with the world.

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KnowPisces November ’22 Scope

Pisces, as we begin the month of November in the midst of Eclipse season, pay attention to outside-the-box experiences that remind you of the impermanence of life. These synchronicities are the Universe’s way of telling you to sharpen your awareness of the present moment for this is all we have and the next moment it could be gone. As Juliet said to Romeo, “Parting is such sweet sorrow”. As the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ignited your sector of philosophy and adventure, what did you realize about what’s most important to you in this lifetime, Pisces?

By the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in down-to-earth Taurus on November 8th at 6:02am, Pisces, it becomes increasingly important to thread these realizations into your mindset and mundane interactions. This Lunar Eclipse conjoins with Uranus, the planet of Awakening, in your sector of communication and learning, which may compel you to radically shift your perception and simplify the way you share and gather information. Does the sweet fragility of the here-and-now show up when you’re running your errands, talking to your neighbour, or going for your go-to walk in the neighbourhood? This Lunar Eclipse also forms a challenging square to Saturn, the planet of Reality, so pay attention to how and when your mental and emotional states signal the need to set boundaries for recentering yourself with what matters most. Remember this quote by Radhanath Swami: “Mother Nature speaks in a language understood by the peaceful mind of a sincere observer.”

By mid-month, Eclipse season wanes with Venus entering uplifting Sagittarius on November 16th, activating your sector of career and reputation until December 9th. With Venus in Sagittarius, you may feel more optimistic and confident in the public sphere and receive opportunities for business alliances. As the planet of Communication, Mercury, enters fiery Sagittarius the day next through December 6th, open your mind to collecting visions, ideas, and goals for engaging in a satisfying role in society. Pisces, let yourself be inspired by Emily Weiss’ words: “And if you hear ‘that’s not possible,’ then ask ‘what is possible’.”

On November 22nd, the Sun shifts into exuberant Sagittarius which intensifies the life force energy in your sector of career and reputation until December 21st. Welcome to Sagittarius season, Pisces! Since Scorpio season may have clarified what’s more vital for you, you may notice that your understanding of ambition and accomplishment holds elevated meaning. What does “fulfilling your destiny” mean for you now, Pisces?

Pisces, while it’s in your nature to go with the flow and trust that everything will work out, Sagittarius energy challenges you to believe in big-picture thinking. The New Moon in visionary Sagittarius on November 23rd at 5:57pm opens a powerful portal for renewing your sector of career and reputation. Look beyond your title, status or type of work you do, Pisces, to a higher ideal of aligning with what it is you incarnated to be.

The possibilities are limitless as your traditional ruler, Jupiter, stations direct in Pisces a few minutes later. As the planet of Expansion & Opportunity culminates a 12-year cycle, what kind of knowledge have you gained about what it’s like to be an empathetic soul navigating a human experience? Pisces, the world might feel overwhelming at times and it’s because you’re so intuitively sensitive. With Jupiter in Pisces, it’s time to let go of the illusion that “love” can only be found in the world of dreams and fantasy – there is no need to escape. Pisces, turn the compassion, that you so easily give out, inwards and know that you carry a beacon of universal love everywhere you go, which lifts the spirits of those in need. Use your powers of creative imagination during this Jupiter-New Moon portal to make a vision board or an altar to symbolize and ground this inner knowing.

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About Pisces

Element: Water

Mode: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy & Jupiter, the Planet of Luck

Where Youll Find Them: In their own world, at an artist gallery, writing a song

What They Avoid: Predictability, structure, societal expectations

Pisces, the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, is all about connecting with depth and the subconscious. As a Water sign, Pisces is profoundly emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Pisces are known for their big hearts, full of love and compassion. They tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve, unlike the more guarded Water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces is the ultimate dreamer, often floating off into their own world when the realworld gets too overbearing. With Pisces, theres so much more than what meets the eye. Pisces can play tricks on your mind due to their adaptability, which is why theyre symbolized by the Fish.

Pisces are artists, healers and mystical being, so they dont often gravitate towards conventional career paths. They’d ideally not even want to work at all, because Pisces understand that life is meant for being more than just a rat race. Life’s meant to be felt and experienced fully, and Pisces is too often aware of how easily desensitized and disconnected human beings can be. Thats why many Pisces use art as their outlet theyre able to remind everyone of our collective humanity and our transcendent talents.

If you want to be friends with a Pisces, be prepared to deal with their unpredictable nature and occasional moodiness. Pisces doesnt do that well when it comes to being on time or continuing a super long stream of conversation, and that can lead to people feeling like Pisces is irresponsible or flakey, when in reality theyre just doing their own thing. Pisces is a loyal, caring, intuitive friend who often knows whats going on with a loved one just by looking at them in their eyes. There is a darker side of Pisces in friendship, though, one that Pisces may at times try to deny. Pisces can be an all-consuming friend, and there are moments when jealousy or envy gets the best of them. Piscesmission is to learn to accept each and everyone of their feelings they arent goodor bad” — theyre just what they feel. The more they resist their feelings, the stronger their feelings become.

A Pisces in love is a beautiful sight, as long as the relationship isnt a toxic one. As the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, Pisces tends to have a savior-complex in relationships, and this can lead to them being overly self-sacrificing and compromising, to their own detriment. Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, they can sometimes idealize their lovers or put them on a pedestal. They also dont always let go of unhealthy unions, causing them to go through more pain than necessary. Alternatively, once Pisces becomes more aware of their inner strength, theyll be able to transcend toxic unions and attract soul-stirring, mutually beneficial, transformative connections. Once Pisces fully trusts their lover, they invite them into their orgasmic world, and nothing is ever the same.