Cancer + Leo

This pairing is one that probably doesn’t get the recognition that it should. Cancer and Leo are siblings in the zodiac, meaning they bring each other both great comfort, understanding as well as an opportunity to grow together. 

Cancer’s sensitive side is often overlooked by some of the more collectively-oriented signs. For example, by the time we’re at Virgo or Aquarius – there’s much less of a focus on the ‘individual,’ as it moves rather to the community. This is where Cancer and Leo can understand, empathize and support each other deeply. 

These two signs operate primarily from an individualistic sphere. They feel their feelings deeply and are also very connected to their hearts. No pair are more likely to cry over nostalgic memories, or even the beauty of the present. They’ll act as each other’s personal cheerleaders (though Leo will do this more overtly than Cancer). Leo’s natural warmth and authenticity has the capacity to bring Cancer out of its shell, as the lion encourages the beautiful crab that it is safe to share. Cancer in return, offers Leo a sense of intuitive and nurturing support that the lion cannot find elsewhere. Leo might find Cancer to be a bit of a mind reader.

In terms of potential setbacks in this pairing, Cancer may be taken aback by Leo’s grandiosity and vibrant self-expression, as this could be perceived as almost aggressive. Yet, if the empathic water sign takes the time to see that there’s much more beneath the surface of Leo’s loud façade, they’ll find comfort in the lion’s secret sensitivity.

Because both signs do take things quite personally, there’s also the possibility that if a conflict were to occur, there wouldn’t be any turning back. It takes a lot for these two to get over wounds and hurt pride – particularly when it comes to relationships.  If there were ever an argument – it would take a lot of self-discipline for this pair to choose a filter other than their subjective lens, to accept and find patience for the other. Still, when the relationship is valued deeply – this is possible. For people they love and care about, Cancer and Leo are about as loyal as it gets.

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