Cancer + Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius are one of those duos that will either get along swimmingly or just kind of write each other off.

When in balance, these two can open up a world of esoteric and surreal wonder as they chat about tenth dimensional topics, the human psyche and outer space. There’s almost no chance of it getting boring once the lid of conversation comes off, and no running out of topics. This duo will be endlessly fascinated with the other’s unique way of perceiving the world.

The main challenge that would arise with Cancer and Aquarius, is actually getting to that point. Both can have quite a guarded disposition towards others, for slightly different reasons. Cancer takes a while to trust and open into revealing their true self to another. Aquarius on the other hand, can be notoriously detached. This sign values communities and group settings – almost more than the individuals who make those up.

Cancer might be a little put off by Aquarius’ seemingly detached manner, whereas Aquarius could feel that Cancer is simply not interested in connection. These two are going to have to take the time and shift their mindsets towards the curiosity of the other.

Another remedy for this would be for this duo to share activities together – rather than stick to small talk over meals. If they were to engage in a project or creative task together, their personalities would shine. The upside? This pair is meant to have fun. They’ll appreciate the eccentric nature and quirks of the other which are in so many ways similar, but in other ways totally different.

Cancer and Aquarius have probably felt like aliens in their life prior to meeting each other. So, upon meeting each other, they may just feel like they’ve found home.

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