Scorpio + Capricorn

When Scorpio and Capricorn come together, they tend to complement each other and are often quite compatible. Scorpio can be a very suspicious person, but there’s something about Capricorn’s energy that allows the Scorpio to open up to the sea-goat. It could be the fact that Capricorn tends to emit a serious, determined and dependable vibe. Capricorn isn’t the type of person to play games – they are serious business and an open book. Scorpio can find this both attractive and refreshing.

Capricorn is fiercely independent and has no problem handling things on their own, but Scorpio’s loyalty and reliability can become pillars of strength and support for the earth sign. They may view Scorpio as someone they can bounce ideas off of, who will always respond to them with honesty and integrity. Scorpio tends to follow their intuition and gut-instincts, while Capricorn is more objective and rational when it comes to decision-making. Luckily, both approaches complement each other, so as long as respect is present – this should be all good.

Although it may take time for both of their protective defenses to be lowered, once Scorpio and Capricorn open up to one another, they’ll likely feel they found someone who understands them and respects their vision. These are two of the most ambitious and determined signs of the zodiac, so when combined they make a nearly unbeatable duo. Both can place a high emphasis on professional career paths, so this duo is certainly one that may be encouraging each other to reach great heights. They are the definition of a power couple. But they should remember to passion play too!

Since Scorpio’s more emotional than Capricorn, a potential downfall may be at odds when it comes to expressing sentiments. For example, if Scorpio is passionate about something, they may be perplexed when Capricorn reflects a more detached outlook. Still, with time – Scorpio can learn to appreciate this difference between them. Capricorn can keep them grounded, centered and balanced. 

In return, Scorpio can help teach Capricorn to connect to life around them on a deeper, more intuitive and emotional level than they’re used to. With Scorpio’s help, Capricorn can learn to open up their heart to more facets of life.

Capricorn and Scorpio are signs that will accomplish a lot on their own, but they can create wonders when they direct their energies to a greater purpose. The combined energy of these two is unmatched.

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