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Hey Skymates, I’m so glad you’re on this Signs & Skymates journey.

Here’s how to best enjoy the book.

KTZ’s Birth Chart Calculator is in its completion phases and will be live on our site soon! In the meantime, explore your birth chart using the calculator below:

​Step 1

Calculate your (and your partner’s / partners’) birth chart(s)

Explore your free birth chart with the birth chart calculator .

Step 2

To calculate your composite chart, follow these instructions

  • Go to
  • Select your language
  • Click on “Birth Chart Interpretation”
  • Add your birth info as well as your partner’s / partners’ + upload their birth information (if time is unknown, use 12pm, but ignore the house placements, midheaven placement, and the Rising sign)
  • Once that person’s been added and you’re back on the main navigation, scroll down to the “Compatibility” section
  • Click on “Composite Compatibility”
  • Select the person you’d like to draw the composite chart for, and then press “continue”

Voilà! Make note of the info in your composite chart (if you have your My Signs & Skymates Journal you can write notes there), and enjoy the journey!

Step 3

To see how the current astrological transits are influencing your chart in real-time, go to and click “personal daily horoscope”

More Astro Resources

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