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Scorpio + Scorpio

Scorpio’s a Fixed Water sign, so when two come together… it tends to be either heaven or hell, with almost no in-between. This pair will be drawn together because of their undeniable magnetism. There’s an electric current which seems to link Scorpios together, and the passion they both have is arguably unmatched. 

The potential downfall with a Scorpio-Scorpio relationship is that they’re too similar. The mind games they tend to play with other signs won’t fly with another Scorpio! Both of these beings have the ability to see right through each other, down to the other’s soul. This truth either makes them uncomfortable… or very intrigued.

Two Scorpios can become obsessed with one another, and the way they make each other feel. Upon meeting, they may feel like it’s the first time someone understands them so well. These two share a telepathic bond – when one of them is not feeling good, the other can immediately sense frustrated feelings and work to help dissolve them.

Scorpio’s an all-or-nothing sign, so when these two love, they love with all of their hearts. But when they hate… they hate just as fiercely. This is why it’s incredibly important for this pair to be cautious if conflict arises. Scorpio can be very destructive with words. This Plutonian being is also quite sensitive and will not forgive or forget easily (even if it looks like it). If either Scorpio were to harm each other verbally or emotionally, it could take a long time (if ever) for them to get over such a setback.

The more positive these two are in this relationship, the greater of a chance that it will succeed. Two or more Scorpios feed off of each other’s energy, so this connection will benefit from conscious effort to keep it upbeat and transformative. This pairing will be memorable for both stormy arguments and deep, transformative experiences. Two Scorpios tend to be in it for the long haul. They’ll understand each other like no other sign could, and with that, enter depths of intimacy that are only dreamt of by most. This is a connection that will almost certainly stand out from the rest.

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