Virgo + Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius are an unexpected duo that surprisingly can work, if they both choose to make it work. As far as the spectrum of general character goes, Aquarius is on the more unpredictable or abstract side, whereas Virgo is a practical and steady moving sign, grounded in the natural rhythms of the Earth. Between these two extremes is a middle ground which reaches some kind of compromise – in this case, perhaps best achieved through stimulating and intellectual conversation. 

Indeed, a quick and exploratory mind is something that Virgo and Aquarius do share in common. This can become the foundation of a beautiful connection. Small talk will be rare, as these skymates would much rather discuss a documentary, politics, or the logistics of some ground-breaking new idea that will revolutionize the world. 

Aquarius is known for being somewhat aloof and emotionally-detached in relationships, something that Virgo could find unsettling. Communication will be key here, as the pair learn to speak each other’s love languages. 

When it comes to opinions, both of these signs have plenty, especially when it comes to brainstorming ways that things in the world can be improved. Aquarius is an innovative trailblazer that goes above and beyond people’s expectations of them to prove a point. Virgo is more focused on the details of the work itself. What the two do share is a deep drive to provide service and a positive mark for humanity.

With the airy and abstract innovative qualities covered by Aquarius, and the earthy practicalities smoothed out by Virgo, it seems all bases are covered to create something radically and positively impactful. But if either skymate in this connection lacks patience or maturity, it may not be a long-lasting tie.

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