Cancer + Virgo

It might initially seem like this pair would totally clash. Cancer, rules emotion and all things sensitivity – perceiving the world in a way that’s almost entirely subjective. Virgo on the other hand, sits squarely in the realm of practicality. This down to earth sign cares less about underlying feelings than underlying details; and doesn’t tend to self-reflect using emotions as compass. But somehow… with these two, it works!

Cancer can get a little lost in the world of physical manifestation. This is the sign whose zodiacal opposite is Capricorn, which rules all things structure, career and finance. But this is exactly where Virgo can come in, gently guiding the water sign through activities like planning, preparing for job interviews, and figuring out finances. It’s not that Cancer can’t do it… it’s just the last thing they’ll want to do! Still, with a bit of encouragement from the earth sign, the crab will begin to realize sorting out life in a more structured and responsible way is also an act of self-love.

Cancer tends to avoid bureaucracy like it’s the plague – and this is an area where Virgo will have no problem helping. The earth sign thoroughly enjoys details, as well as being useful. Fortunately for Cancer, there can be almost no greater love than another person seeing where they’re at, pausing and trying to help – without enforcing their own beliefs or judgments upon them. And a mutable sign, Virgo is particularly non-judgmental. This sign is more focused on making things work, then tearing them down. It’s for this reason that even notoriously guarded Cancer will feel safe to share.

 In the same way that Virgo helps Cancer out, Cancer is going to take the earth sign by the hand and show them the depths of the water realm. Cancer can be a master of accessing pleasure, comfort, and emotional safe space. This water sign takes Netflix and chill… to a whole new level.

Ultimately, this pair is one of the more underrated duos of the zodiac. Together, they can be a quiet force to be reckoned with. You may not see them coming… but when they have their heads together, talents pooled and collaboration in mind – these two can achieve amazing things. Plus, this pair will barely ever have drama, as these are two signs that value kindness and consideration above almost everything.

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