Libra + Capricorn

It’ll take a bit of slowing down in order for Libra to be in flow with earthy, and grounded Capricorn. While the pair enjoys the finer things in life, there are also stark differences that could potentially create friction between these two. 

Libra and Capricorn’s approaches to goals and life in general are wildly dissimilar. The airy nature of the zodiac’s mediator, Libra, means they tend to go with the flow. Life’s made up of experiences of which they bounce around in response to. What life looks like in six months, a year, or ten will totally depend on what’s come up in that duration of time. If Libra feels so aligned, this sign will leave it all behind to become a scuba diving instructor on an exotic island.

Capricorn, by extreme contrast, is quite future-oriented. This sign lives for achievements, milestones and the concept of a legacy to leave behind. On a micro-level, this means that both signs approach their day to day lives in different ways. If Capricorn is not moving towards a goal, life feels a little pointless. For Libra, moving too intensely toward a goal could likely feel restrictive and boring.

As the saying goes though, opposites certainly can attract. A Libra-Capricorn pair is able to bring a healthy dose of perspective to the other, especially if they begin to get too fixed on their train tracks. For a scattered Libra, what better remedy than a grounded Capricorn reminding them their actions (or lack of actions) have consequences. For an at times emotionally-detached Capricorn, Libra injects a healthy dose of fun and spontaneity back into their life as a reminder that this journey ultimately is as serious as you want to make it, and that when it comes down to it, regardless of what we’ve achieved in this life, we all end up in the same place. 

If this Libra-Capricorn pair can get past their inherent contrasts, a beautiful and healing connection can be formed. These beings appreciate each other for who they are, and are amazed at the nuances that exist between their souls.

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