Cancer + Libra

Cancer and Libra is a pair with a tendency to miss out on each other. Cancer values depth in almost every way – and this includes their relationships. The water sign is notoriously guarded and can take quite a while to deem someone else as worthy enough to share their inner world. Libra, on the other hand, is the sign of the social butterfly. Ruled by Venus, this air sign governs relationships. Think: networking, socializing, parties, and a general openness to everyone who gives off good vibes.

A wounded Cancer can feel a little threatened by Libra – potentially perceiving the Air sign as being fake or shallow. Libra on the other hand,  could simultaneously see Cancer as aloof, unfriendly or even a little dull. If these two are to find their spark, it’ll involve taking the time to open up, accept and study the other. And when this does occur… what a wonderful duo this can make. When you combine Cancer’s creativity, sensitivity and empathy with Libra’s flexibility, openness and general disposition towards harmony, these two become the pair that you want at your party. The Cancer-Libra duo is one that will make everyone around them feel good, while sharing a bond that is enviable.

As mentioned, Libra loves learning about people, for that’s how they take in the world. Studying the contrasting value systems of other people can indeed be fuel for their self-expansion. Cancer’s way of thinking is strikingly different, and this will be a real pleasure for the versatility-seeking Air sign.

At the same time, Cancer’s going to love Libra’s lightness. This happy-go-lucky sign reminds the crab that life isn’t so heavy, and that drama is something that can roll right off their back. Nothing is ever too dramatic or debilitating for Libra – and this can gently encourage Cancer out of the occasional tendency to wallow in self-pity or engage in self-sabotaging behaviors.

As lovers of pleasure and beauty (both signs have feminine planetary rulers), a Cancer-Libra pairing is likely to enjoy massages, beautiful landscapes, music and sensuality. This duo will feel like one that’s fresh out of a Renaissance painting; a true joy for those around to witness.

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