Leo + Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius are another pair of opposite signs in the zodiac. Leo rules individuality, while Aquarius rules society and community. Leo is fire, while Aquarius is an air sign. Although these signs are opposite, and therefore can certainly have the potential to miss each other – like all zodiac polarities – there’s also a high chance that they’ll expand and benefit each other, simply by being themselves.

Leo could initially be confused by the Aquarian tendency to lean into group dynamics. Aquarius is a sign that enjoys social circles, and all things democratic. Aquarians tend to have a wide range of friends, all of whom are treated equally.

Aquarius, as an air sign, is also known for being relatively detached in their style. Leo, by contrast, is a sign that tends to put people and things into a hierarchy. The lion will value a few select beings, to whom they’ll give unconditional love and loyalty –  with a tendency to close themselves off to those who haven’t yet ‘earned their place.’

As a fixed sign, Leo knows what they want, and could see the flexibility of Aquarius as merely flaky. The lion acts almost entirely from their heart, while Aquarius is ruled by the head. In fact, there really is a chance that these two signs will feel like the other is speaking a different language. Yet, if this pair takes the time to listen, find mutual appreciation, and curiosity for the other, they might just learn a thing or two.

Leo reminds Aquarius that it’s okay to put their own goals at the forefront every now and then. Aquarius in return, reminds the lion not to take things so personally, and that life can be as objective as one decides. The fiery Leo tends to read too far into things, feeling slighted by the smallest gesture (or lack of). Aquarius shows the lion that quite simply, not everything’s about them.

Leo and Aquarius are also both highly creative and intelligent signs. If this duo puts their heads together, they’re likely to come up with pretty amazing work. You can also trust these skymates to have lengthy conversations about the nature of life, and everything from a-z. These cosmic opposites both attract and repulse each other, and they certainly have a lot to work with in this connection.

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