Cancer + Sagittarius

This pair can be one of the most emotionally intense of  the entire zodiac. A water sign, Cancer seeks emotional safety over almost everything. This sign has an extremely sensitive heart, which yearns to love others in a deep and committed way. The maternal crab wants to feel secure enough to love as deeply as they naturally feel inclined to do. This is one of the most nurturing and giving signs of the zodiac.

By contrast, Sagittarius is the fiery explorer. This sign values freedom above almost everything else. If Sag isn’t exploring, expanding or seeing the world – there’s a high chance that the fire sign will feel unfulfilled. This creates a somewhat obvious clash, where these two can have extremely different expectations and perceptions from and of the other.

Both signs tend to take things quite personally and can flare up when faced with conflict. For this reason, the duo will deeply benefit from inserting space and slowness into conflict if it does arise. Mediating practices like writing letters to each other rather than getting caught up in heated debates will ensure that issues don’t reach a boiling point for either party.

When these two do find their groove though, it can be a truly beautiful experience. Cancer offers Sagittarius the kind of love and care, consideration, and sensitivity that the explorer had never even conceptualized. The fire sign is then able to learn more about itself than previously imaginable – as well as the gifts of tuning into the Yin energies of life.

Cancer on the other hand, loves the adventurous and dynamic quality that Sagittarius brings to the mix. Ruled by Jupiter, Sag is a sign that seems uncannily lucky, and for this reason, carries an extremely positive outlook towards life and the world. This fiery state of mind is something that can lift Cancer into a whole new world of personal empowerment.

You could regard this bond as a little flame. If it gets too cold or too hot from either side, there’s a potential for it to blow up or blow out. It’s up to this pair to find that sweet, sweet balance.

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