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Aries + Libra

Ah, opposites. Just about everything there is to know about Aries is flipped in their opposing zodiac counterpart, Libra. Where the ram represents individuality and personal perspective, Libra is like the mirror of the zodiac, functioning best in good company. Together they balance each other out, but still have many differences that can break or make the connection. 

The yin to yang here is very real, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Aries functions best alone, quickly and impulsively. Libra doesn’t. Most likely Aries will be the one taking charge in this pairing, making decisive moves and leading the duo into the sunset. If they don’t, they might feel frustrated with Libra’s passive and gentle approach to expressing (or indeed knowing) their true desires.

Still, these two can make very easy, chill and long lasting friends. The feeling of being around someone who sees things from a completely different (yet open) perspective is something both can appreciate. Here, friendly debates and deep introspective discussions are likely to be the bread and butter of keeping this connection strong. 

As the sign of ‘harmony,’ Libra knows just how to keep things calm, and is generally a master of relationships –  something Aries can benefit from. Again, a yin-yang kind of team.

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