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Pisces + Pisces

It doesn’t get any more symbiotic than Pisces & Pisces compatibility. Don’t be surprised if you see these two practically reading each other’s minds. Late nights, long talks, and tranquilizing hugs would best describe the dynamic of this duo.  Peaceful serenity will surround them when they’re together; and the emotional connection shared can make for a very comfortable pairing to say the least. As some of the best listeners of the zodiac, it’s incredibly refreshing and validating to have this reciprocated with equal force.

If either party has ever felt alone in the world, a deep connection with another Pisces is likely to be the perfect remedy. Here, any feelings of being ‘weird,’ an outcast, or flawed… will begin to alleviate, as both water babies are able to finally shine in their uniqueness. And when they get there… what a sight to see. This is a duo that others naturally gravitate to. Two Pisces inspire others, simply by existing together – drawing them into their sacred space of harmony, beauty and balance.

A major challenge with two Pisces will be dealing with the three dimensional or physical world. Bureaucracy, structures and themes of finance are the last thing a Pisces wants to figure out. This means that there could be some mutual stagnation or perceived helplessness in getting ideas off the ground. This duo could also share periods of feeling disheartened with the state of the world; its cruelty and lack of spiritual or emotional reverence. This can be a bonding experience for ten minutes or so, but if this gets to a point of existential crisis, these two will benefit from finding a lighter friend, movie or activity to pick them up.

Beautifully, Pisces is a sign that always just wants the best for everyone involved, making for a very high vibe connection. No sacrifice, no judgment, two Pisces ‘get’ each other and their deepest feels.

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