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SM Wknd May 27-29, 2022

The Moon spends most of the weekend in Taurus, activating Scorpio’s sector of marriage and partnership. Since Gemini Season’s energy activates our sector of depth, intimacy, and merging, and we are two days away from a New Moon in Gemini, we’ll be thinking about love, partnership, and collaboration this weekend. Who can we really trust and depend on, and who feels the same about us? Who do we feel most emotionally and spiritually safe with, and how can we say yes to consistently receiving the love we deserve? It’s a good time to reflect on these questions without feeling the need to immediately know all the answers — we’re likely to gain clarity once Mercury Retrograde ends next week. If you start feeling overwhelmed with your thoughts this wknd, move your body, spend time outdoors, or watch something hilarious that reminds you that thoughts, and feelings, are fleeting and transient. You can let them come in and out of your consciousness without being ruled by them. You’re the captain here. 


SMscope’s May ’22 Forecast

Key Themes: Partnerships, intimacy, new beginnings, healing

Scorpio, the month of May is one for the books! By the end of the month, you may be an entirely different person. As the alchemist that you are, the astrology of May invites you to let go of old ways of going after what you want. You’re still integrating the lessons of the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on April 30th, which challenged you to integrate Uranus, the Planet of Awakening and Individuality, in your sector of partnerships.

Venus enters fiery Aries on May 2nd, activating Scorpio’s sector of health and wellness until May 28th. The Planet of Love and Beauty motivates you to bring courageous grace to your daily routines. Scorpio, you are so driven, but it’s up to you to harness opportunities for assistance and restoration.

Sudden changes, endings, or new beginnings may unexpectedly come out of the blue as a result of Eclipse season, and Jupiter in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn on May 3rd provides an empowering wave of compassion to help you surrender and trust the process.

On May 10th, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, turns retrograde in airy Gemini until June 3rd, highlighting Scorpio’s sector of death, sex, and shared resources. Mercury retrograde is powerful for reviewing your communication patterns, especially in intimate relationships. Mercury retrogrades into earthy Taurus, your opposing sign, on May 22nd to revisit the themes from the previous New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse. Venus enters grounding Taurus on May 28th, emphasizing what you require for sustenance and nourishment within yourself in the context of your relationships until July 17th.

Jupiter enters the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, on May 10th to expand your sector of health, wellness, and service until October 28th. If you’ve been advocating for your well-being and better working conditions, Jupiter in Aries will provide opportunities for improvement on this level. Your ruling planet Mars enters Aries on May 24th, where it will energize your daily routines until July 4th. Consider releasing excess energy and tension with movement and exercise.

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio shines on May 16th at 12:14am, illuminating Scorpio’s sector of personality and accelerating your soul’s evolutionary path. Your mission with this Full Moon Eclipse is to embrace necessary endings and to let go of old ways of going after you want so you can be who you truly are.

Gemini season begins on May 20th, activating your 8th house of death, sex, and shared resources until June 21st. Riding on the momentum of Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, Gemini season is potent for emotional healing, psychological processing, and examining your financial situation.

The healing work you’ve done this month funnels into the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th at 7:30am. Connect with the place within yourself that knows how to heal and reflect on what you’d like to manifest in the next 1-6 months. Vulnerability is your superpower, Scorpio, and with that, comes rich soil for sex healing and intimacy. Remember the lotus rising through the mud and murky water, and reach for the light.

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About Scorpio

Element: Water

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planets: Mars, the Planet of Action and Pluto, Planet of Transformation

Where Youll Find Them: Pondering the meaning of life, looking for an all black outfit, pursuing their passion

What They Avoid: Wishy-washy people, large crowds of people, people in general

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is the most misunderstood. When people hear Scorpio, they most often think of sex and death. Everything about Scorpio is a mystery, and this has led to people creating myths about Scorpio some based in fact, and others on pure fantasy. The truth is, Scorpio is a profoundly intuitive and spiritual Water sign with a stubborn streak and a deadly stinger. But contrary to popular belief, Scorpio doesnt just go around stinging just anyone. They know their venom is precious, and they arent reactive to every single situation. Scorpio will wait for the perfect time to strike if they decide to strike at all. You never know what Scorpios thinking.

Professionally, Scorpios succeed at any career that lets them call the shots from behind-the-scenes, such as being a private detective or investigator. They also thrive in the limelight, which is why many Scorpios like Drake become the voice of their generation. Everything about Scorpio is extreme and intense they dont do things in half-measures. Scorpios would ideally feel wildly passionate about their job, or else they may easily become complacent and irritated. Passion is at the core of who Scorpio is. Their life-long mission is to always keep the passion alive, in all realms of life. 

Socially, Scorpio are extremely cautious and guarded. They can count their true friends on one hand, and they’d rather have a small amount of true OG supporters rather than a large amount of frenemies. Scorpio is very slow to trust, but if youve earned their trust, theyre the ultimate ride or die. Having a Scorpio on your side is the best feeling in the world, because they make you feel protected and powerful. But if you cross a Scorpio, your life completely turns upside down. Youll regret ever hurting them.

Multiply the way a Scorpio is as a friend by 10 million and you may get a clue of who they are as lovers. They invest their all into relationships, which is why their standards are so high. But Scorpios also have trust issues, and can be extremely possessive and jealous in relationships. They love so deeply, and they want to feel that the loyalty and fidelity is reciprocated, or else they may build a wall around their heart that causes them to be extremely suspicious and even manipulative.

When a Scorpio trusts their lover, they can merge with them on a deeply soulful, erotic, magical level. That is the side of Scorpio thats rarely seen the vulnerable, transparent, radiant side that comes out when they feel emotionally safe. Loving a Scorpio isnt by any means easy, but it’s worth it.

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