October 23 - November 22

SM Daily Scopes April – October 2023

Dear Scorpios, in honor of retrograde and eclipse season, I’m taking a break from offering daily scopes. I’m resting, regenerating, and re-imagining. That’s what retrograde and eclipse season is all about, and as an astrologer, it’s important that I practice what I preach. I’ll still share weekly/monthly scopes with you during this break. Subscribe to my email newsletter ( to know when daily scopes will be back. You can also order my book, Signs & Skymates, as well as my digital products via my site to deepen your astro knowledge. Remember: you are your own astrologer. I’m here as a guide, but the answers have always existed within you. Thanks for the love and support.

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Scorpio’s September 2023 Forecast

Key themes: being intentional about connecting with your co-conspirators, meaningful conversations, believing in yourself and your dreams even when things seem hopeless, sacrificing small pleasures for what’s truly important

Dear Scorpio,
You’ve most likely been going through a cosmic reunion through your communities and your dreams with Mercury retrograding through your social circles, your hopes and your visions for the future. This is a nice time to have meaningful and dreamy conversations with your co-conspirators. Although misunderstandings are a possibility, don’t let this trip you up too much. Give it time, hold space for things to be processed internally, and revisit any conversations or lingering conflicts once Mercury stations to go direct again on the 15th.

Venus is finally stationing to go direct on the 3rd, after having taken you on a ride during the past 40 days through your professional and public spheres, inviting you to reclaim the parts of you that are yearning to shine out in the world. Things will still be falling into place until October 7th when Venus comes out of its post-retrograde shadow phase, but this is a good time to ask yourself and to reflect on how your work pace and how you present yourself to the world has been shifting. How would you like to keep bringing more sweetness and nourishment into your professional life? And how do you feel that your values can become more aligned with the work that you do out in the world?

The next day, on the 4th, Jupiter will station to go retrograde for what is left of the year. Jupiter is currently transiting your area of committed relationships, bringing support, ease, expansion and opportunities into your love life and your one-on-one relationships. These next four months of Jupiter’s retrograde motion will be about reevaluating how you want to tend to your partnerships and work toward establishing a more stable and sturdy foundation from which to grow together.
On the 6th, Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun during its retrograde motion, shining some clarity on the connections where there is no longer space to grow, and making more room for the alliances where you can help to make each other stronger.

We have the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th, at 9:40 pm EST, inviting you to commit to the communities that inspire you to keep expanding your knowledge of life and the world. Surround yourself with those that surprise you with their insights and their humanity. There’s nothing more inspiring than being part of a group that helps you keep hope alive. Make sure you’re investing your time and your energy in the ones that invest theirs in you.

On the next day, the 15th, Mercury will station to go direct, and things will begin to speed up a bit. Any feeling of hopelessness or pessimism regarding the future will begin to loosen up little by little and you’ll be able to have clearer vision when looking forward, until the 29th where we’ll all be more in the clear once the post-retrograde period is over.

We welcome Libra Season on the 23rd, shining a light on your inner world. You’re being redirected within and towards all of the behind the scenes work that needs to get done. Don’t be afraid to say no to one or more invitations. Your attention needs to go towards what matters most, and it’s important not to invest so much energy in unproductive exchanges. You know what you need to do, and it most likely needs to be done on your own. Rest and retreat will be key during the following month.

On the 29th, we will have the Full Moon in Aries at 5:57 am EST, and for you this will be a time of release. Scorpios get a bad rap, but y’all are the guardians of darkness, the ones that know how to hold what is way too hard for the rest of us to handle. That’s a lot, that’s intense, and I want to thank you for the energetic work you do. This is the time to honor what you’ve been hard at work honing, and to give yourself the chance just let go, to let it come through. This can be so healing for you and for the rest of us. No matter if it comes out all sweet and nourishing, or it comes in the form of tough love, don’t limit what wants to shine through. And if you’re under a lot of pressure right now to get things done, promise me that you’ll give yourself a break when needed. Restoration is essential for what you need to do during this time.

About Scorpio

Element: Water

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planets: Mars, the Planet of Action and Pluto, Planet of Transformation

Where Youll Find Them: Pondering the meaning of life, looking for an all black outfit, pursuing their passion

What They Avoid: Wishy-washy people, large crowds of people, people in general

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is the most misunderstood. When people hear Scorpio, they most often think of sex and death. Everything about Scorpio is a mystery, and this has led to people creating myths about Scorpio some based in fact, and others on pure fantasy. The truth is, Scorpio is a profoundly intuitive and spiritual Water sign with a stubborn streak and a deadly stinger. But contrary to popular belief, Scorpio doesnt just go around stinging just anyone. They know their venom is precious, and they arent reactive to every single situation. Scorpio will wait for the perfect time to strike if they decide to strike at all. You never know what Scorpios thinking.

Professionally, Scorpios succeed at any career that lets them call the shots from behind-the-scenes, such as being a private detective or investigator. They also thrive in the limelight, which is why many Scorpios like Drake become the voice of their generation. Everything about Scorpio is extreme and intense they dont do things in half-measures. Scorpios would ideally feel wildly passionate about their job, or else they may easily become complacent and irritated. Passion is at the core of who Scorpio is. Their life-long mission is to always keep the passion alive, in all realms of life. 

Socially, Scorpio are extremely cautious and guarded. They can count their true friends on one hand, and they’d rather have a small amount of true OG supporters rather than a large amount of frenemies. Scorpio is very slow to trust, but if youve earned their trust, theyre the ultimate ride or die. Having a Scorpio on your side is the best feeling in the world, because they make you feel protected and powerful. But if you cross a Scorpio, your life completely turns upside down. Youll regret ever hurting them.

Multiply the way a Scorpio is as a friend by 10 million and you may get a clue of who they are as lovers. They invest their all into relationships, which is why their standards are so high. But Scorpios also have trust issues, and can be extremely possessive and jealous in relationships. They love so deeply, and they want to feel that the loyalty and fidelity is reciprocated, or else they may build a wall around their heart that causes them to be extremely suspicious and even manipulative.

When a Scorpio trusts their lover, they can merge with them on a deeply soulful, erotic, magical level. That is the side of Scorpio thats rarely seen the vulnerable, transparent, radiant side that comes out when they feel emotionally safe. Loving a Scorpio isnt by any means easy, but it’s worth it.

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