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Taurus + Leo

Upon meeting a Leo, Taurus may find themselves smitten with this fire sign’s charm and passion. This Sun-ruled sign will enjoy melting the bull’s guard away, so as to spoil and earn their trust. Leo won’t hesitate with the grand gestures or pampering, and as the sign ruled by Venus, Taurus will probably be down with it. It may be worth being wary of the potentially competitive nature of Leo, which can take seemingly extreme measures to receive attention. This is a pretty big contrast from Taurus’  more self-sufficient and reserved demeanor.

In this kind of pairing there can definitely be a mutual appreciation for each other’s physicality, as well as enjoyment of sensual pleasures. Whether that’s massages, or sharing a good meal, enjoy! Leo can be a little possessive, so it’s important to be mindful of setting boundaries, as Taurus beings like to stand on their own two feet.

Leos are natural born leaders, and like Taurus, they’re a fixed sign. This means simply asking them to stand down, or trying to order them around, will definitely not work. Arguments between this pair can get volatile if egos are not checked at the door. It might be helpful for the pair to sit down and develop language for times of conflict in order to remind themselves of the mutual desire for reconciliation (as opposed to ‘winning’).

Leo can push a Taurus out of their comfort zone, with a kind of confidence  and spontaneity that can be healing. When Taurus feels like that next project requires too much energy, Leo will always be there to remind them of not just the rewards, but of the unique talents they offer to the situation. In return, Taurus provides Leo with the consistency and groundedness to help see their innovative ideas through. Together, the lion and the bull are a mighty force to be reckoned with!

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