Cancer + Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are another pair of zodiac opposites. Like other polarities, there’s a potential for this relationship to either crash and burn… or bloom into something magical.

Cancer’s the sign of emotional intelligence. A feminine water sign, Cancer values home comfort and pleasure. This sign loves to nurture and protect those they love, providing others the emotional safe space to be who they are. Capricorn, on the other hand, is its opposite: the sign of structures, authority, career and finances. This is a sign that generally isn’t happy unless it’s achieving something.

While Cancer is the wisdom of Yin, Capricorn is the wisdom of Yang. If this pair were to meet with acceptance, openness, and a learning approach, they would be in for an incredible journey of collaboration, healing, expansion and mutual growth.

In the opposite scenario, a wounded Capricorn could feel impatient and judgmental towards Cancer for a perceived lack of ambition. Capricorn can have a tendency to view anyone who’s not achieving in the physical world as a failure – a programmed belief this sign would do well to dissolve.

Cancer on the other hand can have a potential resistance towards almost all things material. Because we live in a world that at times appears to be far more Capricorn than it is Cancer, there’s a chance that the water sign has been wounded relative to themes of Capricorn harshness. But Capricorn can heal those wounds through being present with Cancer’s emotional expressions, rather than ignoring them.

Despite both members of this pairing being notoriously stubborn, these two are going to have to adopt a whole lot of acceptance towards each other and the very different ways of approaching life neither is right or wrong. If these two get over their egos and the hurdles of opposite natures, they can work together to cover almost all realms. Capricorn will appreciate Cancer’s creativity and wisdom that seems to just intuitively exist. Cancer will appreciate Capricorn’s ability to navigate the hurdles of life with ease. They’ll be secretly proud of the earth sign’s accomplishments and determination.

Where Capricorn guards Cancer’s physical security, Cancer will guard Capricorn’s heart. This duo can form a symbiotic relationship that is beautiful to witness, as their bond turns from confusion of the other – into a support of the places where they notice gaps. Plus, the good news is – both signs are in it for the long haul.

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