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Virgo + Virgo

Long story short, a Virgo-Virgo pair will achieve amazing things. Although the complexity of the Virgo mind can be intimidating for some, it’s incredibly refreshing for another Virgo to experience. Where short and sweet communication is key, this is a no-nonsense pairing that can get a lot done together as consistent and supportive equals. 

Speaking of equals, the Virgo-Virgo vibe is one where acts of service will go a very long way. There’s rarely a boss or leader in this dynamic, making for a relationship that centers around each other’s health, support and safety above all else. This pair will have to remember that despite speaking much the same language, it’s important to remember that even someone with the same sign can’t read your mind.

The chemistry between Virgo and a fellow Virgo carries a stability that can quickly feel as deep as a family bond. Both members of the pairing will know where they stand with the other, that their calls will be picked up, and that they’ll always have a helpful shoulder to lean on. 

There will always be something to discuss between Virgo skymates, especially regarding the practical matters of day to day life, personal goals and work. Yet, this doesn’t mean there isn’t humor and fun present as well. Nobody can draw out the inner child of a Virgo, quite like another Virgo can. These are mercurial beings who know how to get their lives together on a practical level, and with that comes some pretty great perks. This pair has the potential to go on some wonderfully fun, memorable and well-planned journeys together. Their evolutionary lesson is to release perfectionism and their super high standards, and simply flow together.

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