March 21 - April 19

KTZ Daily Scopes April – August 2023

Skymates, in honor of retrograde and eclipse season, KTZ is taking a break from offering daily scopes. We’re resting, regenerating, and re-imagining. That’s what retrograde and eclipse season is all about, and as astrologers, it’s important that we practice what we preach. We’ll still share weekly/monthly scopes with you during this break. Subscribe to KTZ’s email newsletter ( to know when daily scopes will be back. You can also order my book, Signs & Skymates, as well as KTZ’s digital products on our site to deepen your astro knowledge. Remember: you are your own astrologer. KTZ astrologers Adela, Nisha, and myself are here as guides, but the answers have always existed within you. Thanks for the love and support.

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KnowAries June ’23 Scope

Key themes: Alignment and purpose, honoring impulses, self-prioritization, emotional processing

Aries, Jupiter is officially in Taurus and the world’s going to feel a little different for it. You may have noticed an increasing collective awareness around what abundance and wealth really mean – as well as how those definitions are different for each of us. June is going to be a month of finding clarity, as well as connection to your true self – both of which will help you answer the above definitions for yourself.

June 1st kicks us off with an auspicious planetary conversation. Jupiter is meeting the lunar north node in the sign of Taurus. Because Jupiter tends to expand all it touches, while the North Node reflects a pull towards the future… consider this an acceleration portal. Pay attention to any opportunities, impulses or triggers that arise. They might just be signals for your inner compass!

A few days later we have our first full moon of the month in Sagittarius (June 3rd). Sag energy always lights you up Aries. As a fellow fire-sign, its momentum-loving, purposeful and independent vibes are easy to resonate with. Because this moon activates your sector of adventure, you might be feeling more impulsive than usual. Lean into spontaneity where it feels aligned and see where it takes you. As they say, fortune favors the bold.

Speaking of bold, we have Venus (planet of love, values and beauty) entering Leo on June 5th. Venus has fun, in the sign of romance, pleasure and play. You might notice (particularly with Mars still in Leo) a stronger desire for self-prioritization. If so, honor it. It’s your life Aries, and Venus in Leo reminds you that you’re allowed to take up as much space as you want. Big main character energy.

June 17th initiates a slightly more somber tone with Saturn beginning its retrograde through Pisces. Saturn rules all things tradition, time, structure and authority. It’s sort of that one harsh (but secretly loving) teacher that pushes you in order to succeed. Its retrograde through Pisces will take on a specifically existential flavor (particularly for you, whose sector of spirituality is activated). It’ll be a powerful time to ask some big questions about what success means to you. How much has been defined by you, versus what you were told? What are you working towards in this life? And are your actions and efforts aligning with your real dreams? Saturn also rules conditioning – which makes this portal one to examine any limiting beliefs.

And what better way to ground in new, healthier beliefs, than a Gemini New Moon the very next day. Here, why not make some intentions for the next lunar cycle? Pick three words to conclude the sentence: “in this next month I want to intentionally cultivate…”

Three days later we continue the inward vibes with the official start of Cancer season (June 21st). This season activates your sector of home, belonging and emotional processing – meaning if there were ever a time to look at your feels, this would be it. Be mindful of extra sensitivities, and be gentle with yourself. When you’re processing inner emotions or energies – remember they’re not always visible to other people. In other words, it’s up to you to carve out the space and time to process what is happening. Find pockets of external peace for yourself Aries, so you can thrive on your inner healing journey.

About Aries

Element: Fire

Mode: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Mars, the Planet of Action

Where Youll Find Them: Owning a start-up, winning an athletic competition, and/or skydiving

What They Avoid: Diving into the emotional depths or having to explain themselves

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and they make their mark by letting action and passion take the lead in all that they do. Wherever Aries goes, they do with a sense of purpose and ambition. They are the zodiac’s natural leaders and warriors — always seeking to be #1 and excel. As a Fire Sign, Aries learns through direct experience better than anything else. They have little patience for people or situations that are overly emotional or draining. They’d rather get lost in the fire than have to be overwhelmed by feelings. But eventually, Aries has to face their own emotions, and it’s better done sooner rather than later.

Aries thrives in a career that lets them call the shots and be in positions of leadership. For this reason, many Aries make amazing entrepreneurs. Because Aries is all about action, they also succeed in physical activities such as team sports. Being ruled by Mars, the Planet of Action, Aries is full of energy, and if they don’t find a great outlet for it they can become restless, angry or impulsive. Fortunately, when Aries does get angry (they have a short temper), they aren’t known for holding a grudge like some of the other zodiac signs. They live much more in the now moment than most signs, so they know that holding on to emotions only weighs them down. Still, it’s best not to mess with Aries — they’re fierce competitors and they can intimidate you into submission if they so chose.

As friends, Aries will be the leader of the pack, always finding a new adventure or thrill to experience. Aries can be competitive in friendship though, and this can sometimes cause tension in their relationships. For the most part, it’s all in good fun, and as long as Aries avoids being overly self-centered, they’ll attract fulfilling and exciting friendships. Aries does bore easily, and they seek people who can keep up with their passionate and fiery nature.

As lovers, Aries will at first avoid admitting to their deeper emotions. They crush hard and fall in love easily, but it’s not always for the long-haul. Aries has high standards and is often desired, so it takes them some time to commit. But when an Aries falls in love, they transform into an utter romantic, wooing their lover and treating them differently than everyone else. Just watch out for that infamous Aries temper — it can come out of nowhere and be completely destructive. Aries tends to forgive and forget more easily than the other signs though, and this helps them make amends in love — unless you’ve crossed them one too many times. Then the Aries will move on, without looking back, leaving you in the dust.