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Taurus + Gemini

There’s no shortage of laughter or joy within a Taurus-Gemini connection. 

The spirited air-sign intellectuals are always down for a museum trip, a late movie, or a concert in the park. They’ll indulge Taurus’ Venusian desires to be surrounded with beauty, all while keeping a smile on the earth sign’s face with their many witty observations. 

It’s important that Taurus isn’t too quick to judge according to the stereotype that Geminis are flakey or two-faced. Instead, it’ll be helpful for them to welcome the air-sign’s unique ability to hold dual energies. Indeed, this airy fluidity can help Taurus gain momentum in times when they’re feeling stagnant or too fixed on a position. It’s worth noting the pace and interchangeability may feel like a challenge, but Geminis can often be charming enough to counter this! 

Security may also be a recurring point of contention for a Taurus and Gemini pairing. Still, if they’re both committed to doing the work, Taurus will support Gemini in growing into finding balance and stability. Gemini in return, can encourage Taurus into being a more open and adaptable communicator.

Geminis can be drawn to Taurus for their calming energy. When with the bull of the zodiac, Gemini is reminded of the importance of slowing down to take it all in. This pair may find themselves talking way into the night, staring at the stars, and truly capturing the moment.

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