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KnowGemini Wknd Scope September 23 – 25, 2022

Gemini, on Friday, Mercury retrograde will re-enter Virgo in your area of home, family and ancestry. Tend to your emotional world. If nostalgia comes up, be there for it. Be with the memories, be with that information, it lives within you, and it’s here to show you something. About who you are, and how far you come. Honor your strength. The New Moon in Libra is happening on Sunday at 5:54pm EST, raising the question: what would you like to see happen in your love life, and in your creative endeavors? Connect with these questions, feel deeply into them. The seeds that you plant during the next couple of weeks in these areas of your life have the opportunity to grow strong. This time is about connecting with your passion and how you wish for it to manifest in your life.

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KnowGemini September ’22 Scope

Key Themes: career, letting go, home life, inner beauty, play, creativity

Gemini, the month of September invites you to slow your mind and connect with the beauty all within you and around you. While this month’s astrology highlights domestic responsibilities and culminations in Gemini’s career sector, they also facilitate beautiful opportunities to restore your nervous system with love and creativity.

The month kicks off with Venus entering earthy Virgo on September 4th, activating Gemini’s sector of home and family until September 29th. Gemini, this Venus transit challenges you to use Virgo’s pragmatic realism and attention to detail for recognizing opportunities for restoration and recovery in your private sector. With Venus in Virgo, you may feel an increased responsibility to help your family members and improve your domestic environment

On September 9th, your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde in diplomatic Libra, a fellow air sign, activating Gemini’s sector of self-expression and creativity until September 23rd. At this point, Mercury will retrograde back into analytical Virgo as it re-enters Gemini’s domestic sector. Your mission with this Mercury retrograde period until October 2nd is to review the personal myth you inherited from your family and reassess how the story you tell shapes your ability to express yourself creatively. During Mercury retrograde, make an intention to slow down enough to appreciate the beauty within you and around you, and witness how it reverberates calm within your mind.

The mystical Full Moon in dreamy Pisces on September 10th has the potential to heighten emotional sensitivities in Gemini’s sector of career and reputation. With this Full Moon, a sense of culmination or disillusionment related to your career and societal roles may rise to the surface. While your curious mind may be scattered across diverse paths wondering “what’s next?”, use the healing waters of this Full Moon to help you let go and make space for your next chapter, Gemini. As this Full Moon conjoins Neptune, the planet of Illusion & Imagination, this Full Moon reminds you that, regardless of your titles, you are a channel for divine inspiration to flow through.

On September 22nd, the Sun enters graceful Libra, enhancing life force energy in Gemini’s sector of self-expression and creativity until October 23rd. Welcome to Libra season and the Fall Equinox is the Northern Hemisphere! Just as nature displays an orchestra of beauty with its changing leaves and colours in parts of the world at this time, Libra season invites you to harmonize yourself with creative activities that express how beautiful you are from the inside out.

The New Moon in Libra on September 25th sets the tone for the next four weeks and provides serene winds of renewal in Gemini’s sector of self-expression and creativity. At the same time, this New Moon makes a tense opposition to Jupiter in fiery Aries, challenging you to balance your engagements with others by courageously envisioning your personal goals and future direction.

Venus’ entrance in its home sign of Libra on September 29th catalyzes the New Moon’s energy by enhancing elements of love and beauty in Gemini’s sector of self-expression and creativity. Until October 23rd, Venus in Libra is a beautiful time for prioritizing activities that facilitates a sense of calm, joy, and pleasure. As Venus in Libra emphasizes your sociable charm, be receptive to falling in love, having friendly encounters and allowing playful spontaneity to restore your nervous system.

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About Gemini

Element: Air

Mode: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury, the Planet of Communication

Where Youll Find Them: Launching a podcast, couch-surfing around the world, or learning how to code

What They Avoid: Overly emotional situations, routines, clingy people

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac the sign of the Twins. When youre talking about a Gemini, youre in essence talking about two (or more) people, merged in one. Gemini is all about duality and multiplicity, which is why they’re like a chameleon, always changing. This can be both frustrating and fascinating to outsiders, but to Gemini, its all theyve ever known. Its who they are. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, making them social butterflies and eternally curious students who view the world as their classroom. Gemini loves to read, talk, write and communicate in as many ways as possible, with a huge variety of people and cultures. Not all Geminis are outspoken, but they all have a constant stream of thoughts running through their minds.

For that reason, Gemini can be extremely restless, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Its important for Gemini to have a creative and physical outlet for their outpour of thoughts and ideas. It can be a challenge for Gemini to stick to one profession or job they tend to have more than one job at once or switch into new jobs pretty frequently. Thats because Gemini is the jack-of-all-trades who tends to be good at everything they try. Geminis mission is to stick with something long enough to be better than just goodat it. Their free-spirited nature can make them very hard to tie down, and Geminis seek freedom and space to breathe and create above all else.

As friends, Gemini is the type of person who will introduce you to new ways of life and take you to places youve never been before. Gemini is very open to meeting new people, and this can sometimes make them appear to be superficial or two-faced because they flitter like a butterfly from one social group to another. But for Gemini, variety is the spice of life, and boredom is their ultimate fear. Still, even if Gemini is quite popular, they still can be selective when it comes to whom they view as their best friends. There is an introspective and introverted side to Gemini that they fiercely protect.

Friendship is often Geminis strongest suit, so when it comes to romance and relationships, it takes more effort on their end. Thats because Geminis arent naturally comfortable with vulnerability, emotions or sensitivity. Geminis can be known for being the flirts of the zodiac, playing the field when theyre single (and sometimes even when coupled), and shying away from commitment. But keep in mind that Gemini is the sign of The Twins, meaning that theres another side to them thats not frequently talked about by astrologers. Deep down, Gemini seeks to meet their twin flame and soulmate their other half. Thats why Geminis may flutter around during the earlier parts of their dating life. But once a Gemini falls in love, they do have the ability to remain committed, as long as they dont feel like theyre being played or taken for granted. With Gemini you never know for sure what youre going to get, but its all part of their charm.