Gemini + Scorpio

This duo is unexpected, yet carries the potential to be one of the most powerful pairings in the zodiac. Both signs can be like flies on the wall for everything happening within a ten mile radius, so together they make an unstoppable force. Where Gemini receives information through analysis and mental processing, Scorpio relies on their deeply fine-tuned intuition. Long story short, when these two signs get together, there’s not a lot you can hide.

There’s a couple of things to be aware of with this pairing – and there is the chance that these two could miss each other entirely. Scorpio is an intense and passionate sign of emotional depth, something Gemini tends to shy away from. The frivolous and happy-go-lucky nature of Gemini can be misinterpreted by Scorpio as being flakey, shallow or childish in relationships. Gemini likes chatting for the sake of it, and it costs them nothing. Scorpio on the other hand, could die a slow death from small talk. Despite both signs having tremendous attraction potential, the ways they show love could be considered at odds with each other. Scorpio lives behind a veil of mystery, while Gemini is a wide open picture book (when they want to be). 

Still, when these signs do come together and decide to open up, magic can happen. Scorpio tends to be more reserved, which is where Gemini can enter and help get them out of their self-protective shell. Coaxing words from the air sign can encourage Scorpio to be less guarded. And with a Scorpio in their life, Gemini will learn how to be more transparent with their deepest feelings, even the ones they attempt to hide or deny. With this, the pairing has the potential for some serious venting, expressing, creative expression, and profound healing.

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