Capricorn + Pisces

A Piscean connection can soften the solid walls of Capricorn with an ease that can either scare or lure the earth sign in. Pisces are deeply intuitive and sensitive beings who feel what most have yet to even notice. This is what makes them great artists. Think of Bob Marley and Rihanna – they tend to speak directly to the core of our souls. Generally, this is a trait that Capricorn can either find incredible, or one they neglect completely.

To connect with Pisces, Capricorn must be willing to go with the unexpected. Pisces generally moves away from beings who are uptight to a point that they can’t be fully present in the moment, which could be problematic for a stressed-out Capricorn. Instead of planning hangouts with all the details worked out, Capricorn’s going to have to learn how to allow space and time for it to all flow together in a divinely organic way. As long as the vibe is right, Pisces will enjoy spending quality time with a grounded earth sign, who approaches the world in such a radically different way.

Because Pisces’’ primary desire is to live as freely as possible, allowing their imagination to run wild in the process, Pisces may take issue with rules and being consistent within structures. This will be a challenge for Capricorn, who’s the rule maker. Essentially, these beings will oftentimes find themselves speaking two very different languages. Where Pisces likes fluidity and whim, Capricorn prefers structure and plans. To help this pair maintain communication, it’ll be important for them to practice flexibility that allows firm boundaries, as well as fluidity when it comes to each other’s vulnerability. 

Capricorn grows a great deal from allowing Pisces to take the lead every now and then, but this too could be a challenge, especially for a wounded Capricorn. This is again why a Cap-Pisces dynamic always seems to either blossom or disintegrate. Yet, if acceptance and an embrace is made, these two will find themselves in a bountiful and lush connection, possibly for life.

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