Leo + Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn are two signs which tend to get along seamlessly. Both share a sense of ambition – though they do take slightly different angles with this. Leo aspires more towards shining bright as an individual, while Capricorn looks to climb up structures of power and worldly achievement.

What keeps this connection burning is the way in which both signs value and prioritize loyalty. This is a pair willing to work on their challenges together, and for that reason this connection is generally one that stands the test of time.

Leo appreciates Capricorn’s steadfast determination and the way this practical earth sign goes after what it wants. There’s a lot that the lion can learn from the goat, who reflects the importance of perseverance, diligence, and consistency. Because Leo tends to be more focused on the initial spark, rather than the execution of an idea, these are valuable traits to learn.

Capricorn also enjoys Leo’s playful energy. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is known for its maturity. This trait can lead to Cap becoming too serious in their approach to life – potentially to the detriment of themselves. There’s always the chance that life will become all work and no play with Capricorn. For Leo, it’s more likely the other way around! Ultimately, these two have the potential to balance each other out nicely.

Conflict could arise between these mates in terms of attachment styles. Capricorn expects loved ones to be there  no matter what – valuing consistency as a trait they embody themselves. This cardinal earth sign will often pick up their phone (only if you’re a priority for them), message back when needed and transfer some emergency cash. Leo, on the other hand, tends to have a significantly more volatile emotional world. This can draw them into periods of gloom, euphoria and isolation. Whereas Capricorn stays at a fairly regulated and balanced state,  Leo’s going to go through life with solid highs and lows. There’s nothing wrong with either way of approaching life – this is simply the process that each sign takes.

Another potential challenge with this duo arises due to Capricorn’s conflict aversion, which can see issues left to stew. The earth sign may have a habit of suppressing uncomfortable emotions. Leo isn’t a fan of taking on other’s emotional baggage – the lion has their own moods to deal with. If conflict were to arise, both members of this duo are going to have to dive into their resources of maturity, patience and heart energy.

If these ambitious signs do get past differences, they’ll feel mutually empowered by the connection. Both enjoy getting out of their comfort zones and do possess an inherent strength. This is a pair that can bring out the best in each other.

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