Libra + Aquarius

No one has fun quite like Air signs do. With a natural ability to hover over the heaviness of life’s challenges, a Libra-Aquarius pair feels magically drawn to one another. Think of the magical Libra-Aquarius couple John Lennon and Yoko Ono, whose connection seemed to pause everything else outside their sphere.

With both dominant air energy in this dynamic, there’s a likelihood that a Libra-Aquarius duo will connect almost instantly on mental and intellectual spheres. This could look like engaging and exploratory conversations that move at a million miles per hour or petty arguments over who said what, as the two signs try to out-smart one another. 

Aquarius’ tendency to detach or present themselves as stand-offish can sometimes frighten Libra. It’s as though they never know what’s next. Funnily, Aquarius may feel a similar way about their air sign counterpart, whose open way of receiving everyone leaves Aquarius wondering where exactly they stand.

There’s plenty going for a Libra-Aquarius duo too. Libra enjoys Aquarius’ rebellious nature, as well as their eccentricity. It feels wonderfully dynamic for Libra to be connected to someone who keeps them on their toes, bringing excitement and contrast into their life. 

Libra and Aquarius also share a love of people and the connections we form as a human family. This means they might have an interest in altruistic or humanitarian pursuits. Regardless, there will be no lack of beautiful events, group connections and widening social circles, all which enrich the lives of this high-spirited duo.

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