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Gemini + Gemini

Geminis are known as ‘the twins’ of the zodiac, so bearing witness to the tango that occurs between these two evenly matched, brilliant and buzzing minds is nothing short of amazing. Gemini craves intellectual conversation and connection with others, so who better to deliver that than another Gemini? 

This pairing is likely to start off as a playful back and forth. As the charmers of the zodiac, their natural inclination to flatter and express through language will be unparalleled. Afterall, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This could involve hours on the phone, long text message exchanges, or something more abstract like sharing poetry and art.

As long as both Geminis understand clearly what the other wants going into a relationship or partnership, there will be no issue of jealousy that the other signs experience courting the airy and untameable Gem, as both beings will need about the same amount of space to grow and thrive socially outside the relationship.

A pair of Geminis is also likely to be a duo of a couple who prioritize Fun with a capital F. Exploration, adventures and mixing it up. There’s hardly a dull moment between these two, and they’ll always seem to know where the fun is, from the classic and underrated method of word of mouth. 

The amount of information shared between Gemini friends is vast enough to fill a library, but that being said, a couple of Geminis are likely to want to explore intellectual worlds that are beyond actual libraries.. These beings love to go down random tangents which seem disconnected, but somehow are. Watching a movie, they could suddenly be like, “let’s google this actor’s birthday… he was born in Utah… how cold does it get there?” – and so on… There will be no end of delight in learning, understanding and expanding one’s mental capabilities within this relationship. Together, they’ll probably cover every hobby under the sun – and why not!?

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