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Leo + Leo

A Leo couple can either have a lot of fun together… or a whole lot of headaches.

The lion of the zodiac can certainly enjoy being center stage, whether this is reflected in overt or covert ways. This fiery sign is all about celebrating the individual. If both members of this duo are at their fullest potential, they’ll be amazing cheerleaders for others, as well as themselves.

However equally possible, is for the lion to feel threatened by another. There’s usually only one who leads the pack after all! Depending on the maturity, openness and stage of these two lovely Leos, they could be in for lots of fun or some serious carnage.

A Leo-Leo duo will inevitably be reflecting in each other what they’re not fans of within themselves. For this reason, this makes this pair incredibly useful for each other’s journeys of growth. They’ll be able to understand each other on a deep level, opening the potential for healing – as they share vulnerably and intimately.

Sometimes we learn by seeing another make our mistakes; or when they reflect the sides of ourselves, that we’d rather not see. With a spring sprinkle of consistent maturity and mutual reflection, this duo can become deep supporters of each other’s journeys. They’ll be able to make space for, and accommodate the other’s feelings as well as mutually validate, motivate and uplift their lion pal.

If these two get past their differences (or indeed, similarities), these skymates are going to feel like they’re on the ultimate joyride. Leo’s the archetype of the solar child. This sign is all about excitement, joy, playfulness, leisure, romance and celebrating the divine aspects of life.

And indeed, the divine within ourselves. Leo loves to be adored, and treated like the royalty that they are. And who better to carry out this expectation, than another Leo who just gets it? This pair will know how to spoil each other and make the most out of life.

A challenge could arise in terms of blind hedonism and mutually poor money spending habits. Hopefully these two don’t share the vice of online shopping! Regardless, with this pair you can expect bougie gifts, elaborate travel plans, fancy meals as well as plenty of verbal flattery.

You’ve likely seen how lions play oh-so-happily or have their claws out with each other, and that’s the choice this pair has to make.

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