Leo + Pisces

Leo and Pisces are a pair that may not ever truly understand each other, but that doesn’t mean that this duo can’t make magic together. Although these signs aren’t opposites, they can have entirely different approaches to approaching the world. Leo’s an individualistic sign, while Pisces tends to be more oriented towards the collective. That isn’t to say that Pisces is always thinking about humanity as a whole. Rather, the water sign moves through a world in a way which picks up and flows with the currents of life around them. Leo is more about shaping those currents – and these skymates can learn a lot about the other’s methods.

What they have in common is that they’re highly creative signs. In the zodiac, Leo reflects the spark or impulse to create, while Pisces reflects the divine creative flow of inspiration that drops from on high. These two therefore share a love for beauty, romance, poetry and art.

Beautifully, it’ll feel light between this pair. This can be a healing remedy for Leo, who tends to get worked up about the small stuff. Pisces by contrast lets it all roll off. The water sign calms and soothes Leo in ways previously unimaginable. The confident lion, in return, brings Pisces warmth, humor and play.

You’ll find this duo enjoying nature, music or movies together. There’s not a whole likelihood of intentional conflict between them, as Pisces doesn’t typically let it get to that point. Pisces loves to feel peaceful, so they won’t engage in too many of Leo’s potentially dramatic antics. Leo will also come to understand that the water sign’s approach is so different, there’s no point trying to translate their actions. Healthy communication will be key when it comes to understanding each other’s intentions.

If this duo finds love and space for the other, they’ll have a beautiful experience. Leo connects Pisces to their inner child energy, and Pisces opens up realms of spirituality for the lion. As a result, these mates could be quite smitten with each other, holding each other in a special place of their hearts – where despite not quite understanding the other, they still somehow adore them.

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