Gemini + Virgo

This is an interestingly positive pairing. Both of these intelligent signs share a ruling planet of buzzing little messenger Mercury, making them two of the most effective communicators of the zodiac. Where Gemini likes to conceptualize, brainstorm and pick up a million pieces of information; Virgo is the organizer of such wildly collected information – turning what would be a simple and easy conversation into powerful intel that can be pieced together in a unique exchange between these two powerful minds.

This is a relationship that will never be short on communication from either side, as compromising in order to create balance is not how these signs operate at all. Everything will be laid out on the table, in a fairly calm and light way. There can be plenty of healing and restorative conversations that arise from what could’ve been an argument. 

The smooth and quick-witted style of Virgo is also likely to be something that Gemini enjoys. Very rarely does Gemini feel fulfilled in conversation with another, but Virgo’s incredibly clever nature does the trick. Even though the earth sign has a more reserved disposition, the depth and specificity of their sharing can turn even the chattiest Gemini into an intent listener. 

Both signs also require a similar amount of affection from another, but the aloof and play-it-safe Virgo may benefit from letting Gemini take the occasional lead, especially when it comes to refreshing the initial spark of the connection.

Gemini and Virgo pairings can transcend the test of time. A huge perk here is that neither really requires physical presence to feel the telepathic bond between them. Even through occasional long texts and phone conversations, both signs can feel connected, despite not having spoken for months or years at a time.

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