Leo + Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs, meaning that even in the worst-case scenario… these two are going to have fun. This is one of the most adventurous and playful duos of the whole zodiac; with overlapping traits that make for an incredibly enjoyable connection.

First and foremost, Leo and Sag enjoy each other’s pace. As fire signs, these two are both impulsive, spontaneous and adventurous. They’d rather have risked it all than never have gone on the adventure. They’ll highly appreciate this within the other, as to them,  it can often feel like the other signs (besides maybe Aries) are all moving in slow-motion. Impulsivity can actually be a wonderfully connective trait, particularly as both signs do tend to struggle with patience.

A challenge could arise between these skymates due to a mutual tendency to inflate their own individual sense of ‘rightness.’ Sagittarius can be notoriously fixed on their own perception of the truth, to the point where they limit and disregard other perspectives and options. For Sag, the pursuit of meaning is ultimately its driving force.

Leo has a similarly stubborn nature, though it takes a slightly different shade. As a Fixed sign, the lion orientates itself on knowing what it wants, and how it feels about everything. There’s no telling the fire sign to do something – they have to want to do so for themself. What this means is that both signs can be extremely difficult to sway. Plus, if conflict were to arise, tempers would be blazing.

Another challenge could arise where since these are two independent signs, both may be unwilling to compromise on what they want and the direction they’re taking. This might mean that Sag and Leo are not even able to align on a mutual objective or emotional exploration for long enough to deepen their connection. The stars will have to cosmically line for these to be set on a path together. Fortunately, with Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter (the planet of synchronicity), and Leo ruled by the Sun, the luminary of essence, if it’s meant to be, it will.

There’s more chance of good times than not between Leo and Sag, especially if things are kept light, fun and expansive. Together, they’re likely to travel the world, explore cultures, people, entertainment, and the depths of thrill-seeking experiences. These skymates value fearlessness, which means if adventure calls, there’ll be no hesitating.

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