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Aries + Capricorn

Together as the bosses and managers of the zodiac, compatibility between these two can be pretty wonderful. Although their chemistry will likely thrive in a work or business setting, there’s always going to be that fine line of ensuring one doesn’t feel bossed around by the other. If these two can learn to lead as a duo, the creativity of Aries will complement the consistent nature of Capricorn – a recipe for a connection that lasts.

This kind of connection is on the more serious side of Aries’ pairings. Stability is a fundamental necessity to Capricorn, which can somehow be appealing to the Aries who hardly ever sits still –  especially if Aries can openly express themself without judgment. With Capricorn looking to stabilize, and Aries out to innovate, the clashing of ideas may result in a few head butts here and there. Yet it’s nothing a little affection or communication can’t fix.

As two cardinal signs, the first spark of connection will immediately reflect how close these two signs can be for their entire relationship. Both are incredibly headstrong, and like to play the game of life. This doesn’t mean the two don’t have chemistry, but it does mean that the impulsive nature of Aries will either be really appealing or equally off-putting, to the mature and disciplined Capricorn. As a fire and earth duo, this dynamic has a lot of potential in growing and building something way bigger than themselves, and doing so together.

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