January 20 - February 18

KnowAquarius Wknd Scope March 24 – 26, 2023

Aquarius, as the Moon is still in the pleasure seeking sign of Taurus during Friday and Saturday, focus on nurturing your relationships with the ones you love and creating a nurturing home environment. On Friday Mars moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer for the next two months, after having spent 7 long months in Gemini. You’ll have the energy you need to take on the heath and wellness regimens that you’ve been fantasizing about. Also to get rid of bad habits and adopt healthier ones. So during this time, make sure to prioritize self-care and stress reduction techniques, like meditation, being in nature or renewing bubble baths. On Saturday night the Moon moves in the exchange loving sign of Gemini, connecting you to your pleasure. Let yourself be overwhelmed by your senses.

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KnowAquarius March ’23 Scope

Key themes: your values, listening to your body and its needs, collaborations, honoring your resources, organizing and optimizing your expenses, communication, trusting your voice

Dear Aquarius, the month of March brings focus to your ideas and your worth. Communication will be key. Dare to speak your truth with confidence and clarity, and practice compassion by listening to others with an open mind and an open heart. Don’t put your worth in outside validation or in your material possessions. Remember that you’re valuable simply for being who you are.

As Mercury enters Pisces on the 2nd in your area of resources and self-worth, explore the material possessions that inspire you. What do you value, and why? Mercury will be here until the 19th, inviting you to feel into your personal abundance. How do you feel about your inner treasures and about sharing your wealth with the world? Remember that wealth isn’t just about money, it’s about so much more. How are you wealthy?

As the Full Moon arrives at the sign of Virgo at 7:40 am EST on the 7th, it urges you to renew your commitment to the practices and rituals that bring you balance and realign you with your deep core self. Listen to your body, your emotions and your energy levels, and give yourself what you need to feel soothed and renewed. The actions you take leading up to the Full Moon have extra potency, so be a giver of great support for your most important collaborations.

As Saturn leaves your sign and sets up camp in Pisces for the next two and a half years in your area of value and self-worth, it wants to help you honor the internal changes you’ve undergone. It’s time to consider how you share yourself with the world and what you bill for it. This will be a time to take a closer look at your finances and see where you can make improvements, and to work hard and be patient in achieving your goals. Your dedication will pay off in the long run.

On the 12th, Jupiter will join Chiron in the sign of Aries in your area of communication. Allow your wounds to become your wisdom. Embrace the power of your voice and the impact it can have on the world.

When Venus enters Taurus on the 16th in your area of family and ancestry, it brings focus to your sense of home and how you nurture your domestic life. This time isn’t just about superficial adjustments. Your home is where your heart is, and it’s important to feel comfortable and at ease in your own space. Venus will be here until April 11th, inviting you to indulge in the pleasures of nesting and creating a cozy space for yourself. Plants, warm-hued lights, beautiful paint swatches, scented candles can all help you create an atmosphere that nourishes your soul.

Mercury enters Aries on the 19th, followed by the beginning of Aries Season on the 20th and the New Moon (also in Aries) on the 21st, all of this in your area of communication and daily activities. With the right routines, much can be achieved, but with the wrong ones, little tends to come to fruition. Life is already challenging, and there’s no need to add unnecessary struggles. As you navigate the influx of conversations, invites, and opportunities to share your thoughts, take note of the personal victories these symbolize. Remember and honor all of what you’ve had to overcome to acquire the knowledge you possess.

Starting on the 23rd, and extending until June 11th, Pluto will be giving us a taste of its new chapter in your sign. This great generational transit will be affecting you the most. These next months will allow you to feel into what’s to come for the next two decades of your life, and while it may not be an easy period, you will undoubtedly experience a profound time of renewal, rebirth, transformation and liberation as you shed old patterns, ways of being, and beliefs that no longer serve you.

The month begins to come to a close with Mars entering Cancer on the 25th. With this surge of martial energy in your area of work and health routines, you’ll have a fierce passion and drive to excel in your work. During this transit that extends up to May 20th, pay attention to your body and listen to its inner knowing when it comes to your work and daily routines. If something feels off, take a step back and reassess. Your body may whisper its warnings before shouting them, so be attuned to the subtle signs of burnout or exhaustion.

Overall, the energy of the month may bring a sense of transformation and deep introspection. Though things may feel daunting at times, know that the changes you make now will lead to long-term growth and abundance. Allow for old layers to reveal and be shed so a version of you that is more real and raw can surface. Trust in your intuition and inner wisdom to guide you through.

About Aquarius

Element: Air

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planets: Saturn, the Planet of Challenge & Uranus, the Planet of Surprise

Where Youll Find Them: Hacking a website, filming a documentary, planning a revolution

What They Avoid: Following the rules, mushy-gushy relationships, petty drama

Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, is known as the Water Bearer because its all about the transmission of elements and information. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius knows how to remain focused on a project that will benefit something larger than their own self. Aquarius is the innovator of the zodiac, always ahead of the game, which is why they may feel like a misunderstood loner at times. At other times though, Aquarius knows how to put on their social hat and live it up it all depends on their mood.

Aquarius has a knack for technology that makes them a natural entrepreneur and creator. They would thrive as a techie, marketer, journalist, business person, activist, grassroots organizer and politician. Aquarius is known for having progressive and unconventional thoughts and ideas, so not everyone will necessarily be on the same page as them, and they really dont mind. Aquarius often paves their own professional trajectory. They dont necessarily view formal education as the main means to an end. Theyll create their own legacy based on their true interests, which are varied and changing. Aquarius does excellent work on their own, but they are also incredible leaders and collaborators.

Friendship is Aquariusforte, because they are quite observant creatures and they love to figure out what makes people happy and what makes them tick. So while Aquarius can sometimes purposefully get on your nerves just for fun, they also know exactly what to do or say to make you explode in laughter or to dry your tears. Aquarius is the kind of friend who will actively come up with solutions to your problems, as long as your problems arent super emotional or dramatic. Being an Air sign, Aquarius feels most comfortable in the intellectual world, and theyd benefit from befriending more sensitive types who can help them tune into their intuitive world. When Aquarius combines the intellectual with the emotional, they become unstoppable.

One thing Aquarius must learn to do in order to boost their love life is not fear their emotions. Aquarius tends to intellectualize their sensitivities and even hide them behind a mask of indifference. This is due to the fact that falling in love or even the concept of intimacy can make Aquarius a bit too uncomfortable they feel more at ease with friendship than love. Nevertheless, Aquarius is a sapiosexual, meaning theyll fall in love with your mind first. The key to an Aquariusheart is to be knowledgable, intriguing and curious. Aquarius will want to dive into your being if you can keep them interested and thirsty for knowledge. And while Aquarius will always seek freedom and independence in their relationship, they still make their lover their priority, in their own way. Everything about Aquarius is done in their own way, and that simply cant be changed.