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Taurus + Virgo

A Taurus and Virgo pairing can make for a deeply sensual, stable and abundant relationship. As an Earth sign, Virgos can be considered as reserved, but this is generally only true if they don’t know you. When (and if) they choose to open up, we see a much more playful side. The Taurus-Virgo pairing works well,  because the consistent nature of Taurus provides Virgo the time to warm up to them. This kind of intentional pace simultaneously allows Taurus the space to let down their own guard. Virgo will appreciate Taurus taking time and intention to plan out shared activities or goals for the future. 

On the flipside, Taurus may find themselves smitten with the unparalleled Virgo  attention to detail, as they surprise them with acts of service like organizing, cooking or cleaning. Once it gains some momentum, this pairing will move along effortlessly, as both signs show up as consistent and dependable. This will evoke a mutual feeling of security, and an ease in committing to long-term plans. With this kind of connection, they can build together – whether that means through marriage, community, or through work. 

Still, there could be a couple of incompatibilities. Whereas Taurus is more concerned with practicality and comfort, Virgos tend to be focused on maintaining minimal clutter. Too many pillows (particularly if they’re mismatched) can make a Virgo explode, while Taurus may see this and sigh with pleasure.

Overall, Virgo will push Taurus to focus and do the consistent work – while Taurus will invite Virgo into an equally important space of rest. As long as Taurus is supporting and affirming Virgo’s steps, Virgo can reciprocally be a cheerleader for Taurus, encouraging them to stretch gently beyond their comfort zone.

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