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Taurus + Libra

A Taurus and Libra pairing can feel like a fairytale, as these Venus-ruled comrades speak the language of beauty and lover. Together, they share excellent taste in music and food, both possessing an equal desire to enjoy the best life has to offer. Taurus has to be a little mindful of the fact that Libra isn’t super choosy about who they treat well and let in their inner circle – Taurus won’t be the only one, but that doesn’t mean they’re not loved and valued by Libra. 

As an air sign, Libra can struggle with consistency in ways that come naturally to Taurus, as a fixed earth sign. Taurus can balance out Libra’s indecision, and they’d be more than happy to help Libra commit to where they’d like to eat. Libra will bring a lightness, flexibility and ease to Taurus, reminding them to see the beauty and value in everyone.

Taurus may feel inclined towards doing life at a slower pace, whereas Libra moves quickly, wanting to explore through a multi-faceted range of experiences. As a cardinal sign, Libra enjoys and benefits from new energy. To maintain a balance, it will be important for this pairing to regularly check-in with each other. It’s worth ensuring that the relationship doesn’t feel too stale, nor fast-paced, and that both parties are satisfied.

Libra can be the wind in Taurus’ sails. This balance of earth and air can certainly evoke a sense of seamlessness and unparalleled beauty. Libra will encourage Taurus to explore and have fun with their creative side – while Taurus will remind them of the peace that comes from seeing things through to the long-term. Overall, this pairing can be one for the books.

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