June 21 - July 21

KnowCancers Wknd Scope August 19 – 21, 2022

These final days of Leo Season are all about checking in with ourselves regarding ways we consciously or unconsciously keep ourselves small. It’s not too late to break out of your comfort zone, you know. Cancer, Mars enters Gemini for 7 months on the 20th, activating your sector of spirituality and healing. Laughter, travel, reading, learning, and playing are likely to be your soul medicine during this transit. Try not to take yourself too seriously. Open up to new ways of healing — ones that can feel light and free. This includes falling deeply in love with yourself and your potential lover(s).


KnowCancers August ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Mindfulness, belonging, connecting to the earth and present moment

Cancer, the month of August will bring you lots of transformation – and perhaps in a gentler way then 2022 has unfolded so far.

We’re still in Leo season for most of the month, a period that tends to evoke within you a feeling of inspiration, comfort and warmth. It’s the first season out of your solar return, and therefore still carries fresh chapter energy. Cultivate the feeling that the sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving your dreams, because it’s true! Yet, with the many Retrogrades currently unfolding, this Leo season is not quite as explosive as other years.

On August 4, Mercury enters Virgo and will have you refining your life and the many elements that make it up. You might feel a heightened sensitivity to things that feel good; nurturing, replenishing and healthy – as well as things that feel the opposite. Because Virgo is all about refinement Cancer, you can use this sense of discernment as a tool for boundary setting, as well as decluttering your life. Think Marie Kondo!

The Full moon in Aquarius on August 11th will be an intense one for you Cancer. It’s going to activate your sector of transformation, deep healing, shadow work and fear. The cool news is; the sign of Aquarius is all about objective and out-of-the-box thinking. As one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, you might tend to sink into the heavier side of your emotional realm, sometimes for longer than necessary. While of course, Cancerian emotional sensitivity is in so many ways a gift – this Aquarius moon will lend you a dose of healthy objectivity. This can be the perfect ingredient for seeing the whole picture, as well as opportunities for change and growth.

This Full Moon may bring epiphanies regarding how you can take new approaches to improve your life and sense of emotional safety. This can be a very healing time – so I would recommend doing some journaling or self-reflective work this week.

On August 22, the Sun will be entering Virgo and solidifying the analytical, slow-paced backdrop that makes up the month of August. A Virgo sun tends to see us becoming a little less impulsive – and rather more thoughtful, present and mindful. This Virgo season will be a good time to cultivate the practice of mindfulness as opposed to multitasking. Cancer, it could be valuable to focus your efforts on one thing at a time – for example, taking in the simple beauty of a leaf in sunlight, or the sounds when pouring a cup of tea.

Cultivating this sense of earthy grounded-ness will be a wonderful way to prepare yourself for Uranus retrograde which takes place on the 24th of August, just a few days later. This will be moving through your sector of community and global belonging. As a result, you could be noticing where you belong in the world – and where you’re not quite a match. It could be the perfect time to have a think about what constitutes your soul tribe, as well as how (and where) to go about finding them.

Plus, with Mercury entering Libra the very next day on August 25, you could be feeling more social than you have in quite some time. This could be a good time to reach out to loved ones; to go on a date; or simply connect with someone new.

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About Cancer

Element: Water

Mode: Cardinal

Ruler: The Moon

Where Youll Find Them: Walking down the beach, cooking soul food, snuggling in bed

What They Avoid: Confrontation, deadlines, and overly aggressive situations

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is quite possibly the most sensitive but you wouldnt outwardly know it. Cancers symbol is The Crab, and this explains their tendency to hide in their shell whenever the outward world gets too tough to handle. As a Water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer is deeply emotional, and easily absorbs the vibes in their environment. Cancer is full of compassion for the world, particularly the underprivileged, the needy, children, animals, and the oppressed. There is a nostalgic element to Cancer that can lead to them living in the past and having trouble letting go.

Professionally, Cancer is a great collaborator and team-player. However, sometimes they remain in the background for far too long, out of fear of stepping into the spotlight. Cancers make incredible artists, but they can be overly protective of their work rather than sharing their art with the world. If Cancer is able to overcome such shyness, their art and transparency can heal the world. Cancers nurturing spirit also makes them great therapists, teachers, interior designers, cooks, and spiritual healers. Theres something about Cancer that is full of wisdom, making them old souls. Thats why people may joke around and call them the grandparents of the zodiac, even in their youth.

Cancer loves to take care of those they love, so having a Cancer as a friend is a true blessing. What Cancer must learn, however, is to establish healthy boundaries and not let their generosity or kindness be taken advantage of. Sometimes Cancer gives away too much of their energy, and if its not reciprocated it can feel very painful. Instead of directly letting the person know about that pain, Cancer may resort to passive-aggressive behavior, and that only exacerbates the problem. Cancer therefore will benefit from being more honest and assertive in friendships and relationships.

As a lover, while Cancer may be very slow to trust and open up to you, they are definitely some of the biggest believers in love. Many Cancers dream of having a family and being married to their soulmate, and this can lead to them becoming deeply invested in the relationships they pursue, to the point of sometimes being clingy or possessive of their lover(s). This can sometimes scare their lover(s) away, but at other times it reassures their lover(s) of Cancers loyalty. Whatever the case may be, Cancer would benefit from directing all of that love and attention they offer others back to themselves first and foremost. Cancers greatest lesson is to put their own self first and cater to their own needs consistently. In doing so, theyre able to extend the purest type of love into the lives of those around them.