June 21 - July 21

@KnowCancers Weekly Scope 7.19 – 7.25

Cancer, this is the first full week that Mercury is in your sign, and this helps you pay attention to your body, your intuition, your desires and your dreams with greater clarity. It can also lead to you being more moody and passive-aggressive, especially as we approach the Aquarius Full Moon on the 24th. A part of you may feel like so many elements in your life are rapidly shifting, and you’re seeking more stability in your life. Once Venus shifts into Virgo on the 21st, you may start to feel more secure romantically, as people will be less self-centered and more generous with you, and vice-versa. Use the Aquarius Full Moon to become aware of your insecurities and inner blockages. What may be holding you back from fully letting love in, and why?


@KnowCancers July ’21 Scope

With your annual new moon occurring on the 9th, Cancer, your metamorphosis this month is all about putting yourself and your needs first. You may have been too much of a people-pleaser in the first half of the year, and it could feel draining for you. It’s time to make a change and to get clear about what new reality you’re ready to create for yourself. The Aquarius full moon on the 23rd could lead to you receiving a financial windfall that you’ve been working on manifesting in your life since the beginning of the year. Take time to invest in smart financial management this month — it’ll pay off.

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About Cancer

Element: Water

Mode: Cardinal

Ruler: The Moon

Where Youll Find Them: Walking down the beach, cooking soul food, snuggling in bed

What They Avoid: Confrontation, deadlines, and overly aggressive situations

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is quite possibly the most sensitive but you wouldnt outwardly know it. Cancers symbol is The Crab, and this explains their tendency to hide in their shell whenever the outward world gets too tough to handle. As a Water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer is deeply emotional, and easily absorbs the vibes in their environment. Cancer is full of compassion for the world, particularly the underprivileged, the needy, children, animals, and the oppressed. There is a nostalgic element to Cancer that can lead to them living in the past and having trouble letting go.

Professionally, Cancer is a great collaborator and team-player. However, sometimes they remain in the background for far too long, out of fear of stepping into the spotlight. Cancers make incredible artists, but they can be overly protective of their work rather than sharing their art with the world. If Cancer is able to overcome such shyness, their art and transparency can heal the world. Cancers nurturing spirit also makes them great therapists, teachers, interior designers, cooks, and spiritual healers. Theres something about Cancer that is full of wisdom, making them old souls. Thats why people may joke around and call them the grandparents of the zodiac, even in their youth.

Cancer loves to take care of those they love, so having a Cancer as a friend is a true blessing. What Cancer must learn, however, is to establish healthy boundaries and not let their generosity or kindness be taken advantage of. Sometimes Cancer gives away too much of their energy, and if its not reciprocated it can feel very painful. Instead of directly letting the person know about that pain, Cancer may resort to passive-aggressive behavior, and that only exacerbates the problem. Cancer therefore will benefit from being more honest and assertive in friendships and relationships.

As a lover, while Cancer may be very slow to trust and open up to you, they are definitely some of the biggest believers in love. Many Cancers dream of having a family and being married to their soulmate, and this can lead to them becoming deeply invested in the relationships they pursue, to the point of sometimes being clingy or possessive of their lover(s). This can sometimes scare their lover(s) away, but at other times it reassures their lover(s) of Cancers loyalty. Whatever the case may be, Cancer would benefit from directing all of that love and attention they offer others back to themselves first and foremost. Cancers greatest lesson is to put their own self first and cater to their own needs consistently. In doing so, theyre able to extend the purest type of love into the lives of those around them.