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Aries + Cancer

In this connection we have the archetype of the child (Aries) with the archetype of the protective parental figure (Cancer). Considering the self-starting ‘cardinal’ nature of both signs, from the moment these two meet and establish connection, there’s likely to exist a sense of innocence or friendly affection. 

Following through and maintaining this connection is usually where the challenge presents itself, as Aries’ autonomous and direct nature tends to be at odds with Cancer’s manner of slowly opening up to others.

Overall this pairing is a comfortable one when the two take the time to understand that they are not that different, and when it comes to a need to feel taken care of. Although this may exist on varying levels. 

If Aries can acknowledge that Cancer’s strength is their sensitivity, there will be less obstacles in the connection. The two also share what can either look like an overbearing protective nature, or when channeled differently;  a passionate desire to be there for one another. 

The kind of friendship you’ll find between these two signs is sometimes one with a push-pull kind of dynamic. Aries is incredibly independent, which sometimes Cancer sees as wild and dangerous as the fire element they represent. There’s a lot of potential here for a friendship that is ‘safe.’  We could see Cancer seeking to keep Aries in check too often, or Aries shielding the emotionally sensitive Cancer to an unhealthy degree.

A healthy balance will be achieved when the two learn to embrace the unknowns,  allowing the other to live their life, mistakes and all… and simply enjoying the ride.

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