Libra + Sagittarius

If Libra’s ready to go on an adventure, they’ll meet their match with Sagittarius.. Sagittarius and Libra are one of the most underrated and fun pairings of the zodiac, with the concept of a dull moment being nonexistent between them.

Sag and Leo both enjoy a healthy social scene where they can match each other’s energy. It’s light and fun, but on a deeper level this Air and Fire combo makes for a great balance of energy. Libra possesses a natural charm and open perspective that Sagittarius (a sign that seeks the truth) simply cannot ignore. The air sign’s ability to perceive (and accept) varying perspectives and viewpoints can be very healing to Sagittarius – who’s learning that it’s not just their opinion that matters. 

In return, Sagittarius reflects to Libra a healthy sense of self. The fiery explorer is connected to their own higher purpose and drive in a way that’s not easily swayed by the opinions of others. Since this is a classic Libra downfall, a beautiful balance can be achieved here. 

Both signs like to keep it moving, and are easily bored with monotony and stagnance. This makes for wonderful adventure buddies, and there’s a likelihood that both parties will love traveling and experiencing different cultures. They share a sense of wanting to see everything. If there’s a culture, landscape, monument or piece of art that can move them – why not seek it? Sag and Libra are a reminder that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

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