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Aries + Scorpio

This pairing is full of authentic and raw power. In traditional astrology, the signs even share a ruling planet, the action-oriented war hero Mars. Together they’re amongst the most driven, intense, and ambitious signs of the zodiac, forever encouraging each other to tap into their fighting spirit and to live with purpose. With enough intensity to burn out a million suns, their combined power can make for two strong, indestructible allies, or two bloodthirsty enemies.

Aries is the sign that’s likely to be magnetized by Scorpio’s depth and intensity, and this attraction works both ways as Scorpio lives for the youthful energy that radiates from Aries. Something to note, however, is that when it comes to understanding each other on an emotional level, it may take work on both sides to be vulnerable, trusting and open. Patience is key here. It’s something Scorpio cares a lot about, and that Aries could definitely learn to embrace. Their major challenge: navigating possessiveness.

Aries and Scorpio pairings are unique in that they can be equally pretty lowkey. Both signs are comfortable sitting in silence together, enjoying each other’s company as much as they’re into deep conversations about life. This is also a pairing that’s likely to have intense private venting sessions, where both are happy to let the other heat up a little bit about things to let off some steam.

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