Aries + Gemini

Of all the Fire and Air duos, Aries and Gemini can be one of the most fun. With a child-like curiosity for life – as well as the ability to take life in at a million miles an hour – these two keep up with each other in ways that make for incredible brainstorming sessions and an overall sense of fun.  As one of the few sign pairings that can actually hold the other’s attention, the compatibility between these two is incredibly warm, light and exciting.

When it comes to clear communication of needs, no one brings it out of Aries like Gemini can. That being said, this pairing is most likely to share the love language of endearing and affirming; constantly encouraging each other with love notes, compliments and affirmation. If Aries can relinquish their needs for pure autonomy, this partnership can last a lifetime.

Burnout between these two is not likely, though there is the capacity to feel ungrounded in the relationship. There will always be something to talk about, and both sides are generally happy to share honest and unfiltered opinions regarding each other’s lives. 

The most fun here is had when it comes to frivolous and lighthearted activities. Whether it’s in a familiar place where they know everyone, or in a brand new setting where they carry no agenda other than to explore and make experiences. 

Considering the curiosity and fleeting attention span of both signs, dull moments are few and far between.

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