Gemini + Libra

Together, these signs can fly, encouraging one another to own their true airy selves. Despite neither being particularly decisive or commitment driven, what they may lack in pragmatism, is made up for in a lighthearted spirit that rises above the challenges and obstacles of life. 

One of the more obvious attributes these two signs share is their ability to adapt, meaning there’s no one leader in this potential dynamic. There may be a slight disconnect where Libra (ruled by Venus) is a bit of a secret classic romantic, while Gemini carries a more improvised, moment-by-moment approach. 

If clashes were to arise between the pair, there could be a tendency to avoid accountability, with both signs having a strong aversion to conflict. Both are considered to be the social chameleons of the zodiac, so there’s likely to be a mirroring of each other’s behavior, for better or worse. If they keep each other’s best interest at heart at all times, the mirroring effect can manifest as a beautiful and expansive tool. 

As highly socal signs, a Gemini and Libra connection is likely to be quite active, involving a lot of chit chat. Although Libra is a slightly more docile sign of peace and harmony, Gemini can bring out their wild side, encouraging them to be more open and out there. That being said, Libras get along with just about anyone, so their curiosity towards Gemini’s free spiritedness will likely have the two ending up sharing different friends, experiences and social circles.

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